Magnetic lash Review

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    Magnetic Lash in Sweden, the new successful mascara from England!

    The mascara is available for purchase Amazon and the price is SEK 249 at the time of writing.

    Magnetic Lash is a fiber mascara with the fibers on the side instead of blended into the mascara.

    Step 1 - Apply the mascara as usual.
    Step 2. Brush on the fibers.
    Step 3. Add a layer of mascara.

    I was at the press conference last Wednesday and met the founder of Magnetic Lash - Santhilea. A very nice woman whose brother than any kind of chemical, and together they have walked home in the living room to get the ultimate mascara! It has very quickly become popular and is already available in several countries, even though it was launched only 20 months ago (!)

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    We got to see the mascara applied both to a model, as well as to Santhilea herself who has Asian eyes and very short and straight eyelashes. The most fun was to see Santhilea's results, as you could barely see her lashes before and then they popped out all of a sudden :)

    She also said that the first time / times you test, it is not certain that you will be completely satisfied, because you learn after a few times how much mascara / fibers you should apply to get a good result.

    magnetic lash


    I felt pretty happy after the first use, they feel a bit rough which can be a practice thing, but long and full yes they did!



    I actually thought the mascara itself was very good, even before the fibers! It gave length and separated the lashes well. The brush was something between big and small, and I like that it is hourglass shaped so that you get volume + reach all eyelashes only from the root.

    magnetic-lash fibers


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    The fibers are concise black fluff :)

    As I said, I have tested a similar mascara before, Sheer Cover has a mascara with the same principle. The good thing about Magnetic Lash, however, is that the fibers are black, so if they are visible a little, it does not do much. Sheer Cover's fibers are white, which means that in "step 3" you have to apply quite a lot of mascara to cover everything white.




    In this picture you can clearly see that practice gives skill with this mascara, the right eye was much better than the left as I did first!



    You can buy Santhilea Magnetic Lash at Amazon (Link)

    I've googled a bit on Magnetic Lash and looked at pictures and reviews, and you actually get a good laugh every now and then. There are so many who become blind because they want as much volume and length as possible, that they smear on a hundred layers and do not seem to see that all the fibers protrude in all directions and edges and look like knot-like lumps. Spider lashes fixed a size larger so that they have hairy legs as well, haha usch fyy.

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    This The Youtube clip was the best. When she filmed her lashes up close, I put my hands up to her face and screamed "Neeej vad heeemskt!"  whereupon she says "I think it's Amazing!"  Fast forward to 0:59 and you will see what I mean :)

    So I want to emphasize that you can take too much of the good when it comes to this mascara, you have to be a little careful, you do not want to walk around with a big hairy spider on your eyes. But if you are careful, it is very good!

    Get in touch if you have any questions! :)

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