Make up a complexion with a lot of acne

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    Camilla sa…
    Do you have any tips on make-up when you have frizzy skin? My daughter would go to the doctor today because she has so many pimples. I feel so sorry for her because I myself have not had those problems. She stands and puts on make-up every day for about 1.5 hours and I think that is too much when you are 15 years old. Do you sell any good products for this purpose? Some good concealers or similar.

    I highly recommend gloMinerals Pressed Base Foundation, I always use it when I make up people with a lot of acne! It both cares for the skin and covers very well.

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    Malin who I made up for a shoot the other day (I posted behind the scenes pictures a few days ago) had very much stressacne all over the face. If you look at the pictures I posted, it is not visible at all, and she herself said "I will buy this, and never stop using!".

    Make up a complexion with a lot of acne

    Did not take a photo before, but you can see that the pimples are not visible! I do not even have concealer underneath :)

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    gloMinerals Pressed Base can be found at The best results are obtained with two different brushes, a flat that you can dab extra on the pimples and under the eyes, and a kabuki brush for the rest of the face.

    I recommend these brushes from Nanshy, great!

    Make up a complexion with a lot of acne

    Here is the result on myself.

    "But nudh mineral's foundation then?"Are you thinking now?"Does it not cover pimples as well?”.

    When I do makeup work, I use gloMinerals, simply because I have bought all the shades to work with even before I even knew that nudh mineral existed.

    I have actually therefore never tested nudh mineral on a person with a lot of acne, and therefore rather recommend gloMineral. But if I look at how well nudh mineral covers in general, I absolutely believe that it is also good for people with a lot of acne!

    In addition, nudh mineral's concealers are incredibly good! They are highly recommended :)

    Hope you are happy with the answer Camilla! 

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    Helena Amiley
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