Make up pimples

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    I know I have written about how to remove pimples before, but felt that I had to get something positive out of all the pimples that have popped up in my face for unknown reasons, so now I offer some tips on how to quickly and easily removes pimples without having a thick layer of products on the face!

    That's how they come in handy, the little lives;)


    The most important thing is not to use too much make-up on the face, it does not look natural or beautiful and the more you have on the face, the shorter the durability often gets the make-up as well.

    ♥ My first tip is to use makeup that you can apply more / less on in different areas without the result looking uneven. Because even people with a lot of pimples often have areas with fine skin as well, and there you just want to apply light makeup to get an even skin tone all over the face. The areas with lighter coverage will make the whole face look more natural.

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    ♥ My second tip is mineral makeup, it has all the properties in point one, and suits all skin types while it is good for the skin and provides good coverage without looking cakey.

    ♥ My third tip before I show step by step how I make up, it is to strive for as little make-up as possible even on the pimples. Many people do not want to buy a foundation and two different concealers because it feels unnecessarily expensive with three products. But in the long run it will be more expensive to cover everything with just your foundation, it works, but it takes a lot more product!


    Degreasing primer - Paese Makeup Base Matte (SEK 149)
    You can have pimples without having oily skin, but often it goes hand in hand. I have a very oily skin and my savior in times of need is Paese's debilitating face primer. It makes the skin silky smooth and keeps it matte much longer!


    2. Green concealer - Yag mineral Concealer Covers Red (SEK 179)
    What works wonders right away is a green concealer! Green neutralizes red and you only need a little, a little to make the pimples stop shining in the face. I also use it around the nostrils where I am always very red as well.


    Enlightening Concealer - Yag mineral Concealer Covers Dark (SEK 179)
    A light mineral concealer can be chosen if you want to apply before or after foundation, it is a matter of taste. But when I cover pimples, I usually use it before foundation because then you see more clearly what you are doing.

    I also usually use it a bit as a highlighter under eyebrows, eyes and around the lips (as you see in the picture), but the reason why it is good on pimples is because a large dark red pimple stops being red after green concealer, but the darkness is often left anyway. Then you need to lighten up the pimple a little too for it to blend in better with the skin tone.


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    4. Foundation - Yag Mineral Foundation (SEK 199)
    When you have done the basic job so well, you do not need much foundation at all to get a nice and even skin tone all over your face. A thin layer is enough, and possibly you can dab a little extra on the pimples if you think it is needed.


    Surely the result will be nice? :)

    The brushes I have used come from Nanshy, kabuki brush is available for purchase now but the rest will be in the webshop soon as well!

    Hope this post was helpful ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. I can understand if this works if you have some pimples, but if you have lots of pimples in more or less the whole face or if you have very old scars / red marks…. How do you do then?

      And does not the concealer disappear when you apply foundation? I often think it happens when you use mineral foundation and buffers around. It also makes my skin a little irritated like this in the winter when it is a little more surface dry. This means that small skin flakes are more emphasized. I use exfoliation / peeling regularly and moisturize the skin.
      I also think mineral foundation often highlights pores more than a liquid foundation does. Otherwise, I like that it looks natural and nice, that it does not feel on the skin and that it is good for the skin.

      • The green concealer can be used on larger areas as well, just choose a larger brush. But I had probably removed the worst red with it, and then applied a little more foundation only. So it definitely works! :)

        What brush do you use when applying mineral makeup? It sounds like you are using one that is a little too hard or old so that it has become a little prickly. Could it be true? Applying foundation with a good make-up brush should not irritate the skin nor remove any make-up underneath. So for me, it's not a problem I'm experiencing.

        Mineral foundation can emphasize the pores more if you do not work it properly into the skin and have a good brush, if you have it, there are usually no problems :) Hug, hug!

        • Thanks for the reply. I have several different brushes, but most from Bare minerals but I also have those with synthetic hair from eg Tikei and Idun. I have also tried not to use a kabuki brush but a slightly more fluffy brush and it works better, but then I have to apply many more layers to get coverage instead.

    2. You are so incredibly talented Helena, you are a great source of inspiration! :)

      In response to your comment about my new bag, I have a 17 inch screen on my computer, I think the most common is to have a 15 inch. So mine is a little, a little bigger than the most common. But it just fits in the bag, I have to unbutton the sides, however, so that it fits. But like I said, nice pig bag! Had such a hard time deciding color too, there are so many nice ones, hihi. Big hug! :)

      • How sweet of you! :) You are also super good! Yes, but it sounds great, I probably have to check my wallet first if I can really afford it, otherwise it can be dangerous to look at the other colors too haha;) Hug, hug!

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