Make-up before and after!

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    Yesterday I posted before and after pictures of Maja's eyebrows that I fixed at Creative Make Up on Thursday. She has an internship there and in order for her to learn as much as possible when I was there, I also made her up while I showed some tricks :)

    It was interesting to realize how bad I am at explaining in reality haha. I am a good teacher in the blog (I hope?) But it is so much easier in writing where you can think through your formulations so that it is as simple and educational as possible! What is easy to show in reality is that you can point and ask the person to look in different directions and stuff, but my ability to speak is very chatty haha. Hope Maja got a little wiser anyway!

    The sun looked ahead when we put on make-up so there are a few different lights in the pictures, but she turned out so nice:


    The salon is located opposite Uppsala Concert & Congress, and you who know what that building looks like can guess how dazzled I was when the sun was reflected straight in haha! Like the world's largest mirror!

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    The most fun thing about putting on Maja's make-up was being able to give my own perspective on things, it's easy to end up in the same thought pattern if you have a teacher who says “like this ska it be"And"that is wrong"But that's really not me. But unfortunately, many teachers are like that.

    I got many questions that in my opinion are about taste, e.g. "Which lipstick should you have for green eye shadow", but that is not about right and wrong but what effect you want. Then you have to ask yourself things like "should the lips or eyes have focus?" "Do I want contrasts or a more discreet balance on my face?" “What is the point of makeup, should the person feel looks good or is it a model that should fit into a particular theme? ” etc. At least that's how I work :) Then you need color theory to understand these different effects!

    I got the feeling that her education had a "right and wrong focus", while most people used liquid foundations as an eye shadow primer and that hardly any of them used a real eye shadow primer, and that I think is disaster haha.

    A teacher only teaches the basics and then you have to choose for yourself how you want to do it, most people probably agree. But I also think that you can stretch the basics a bit. For example. that you should have synthetic brushes for cream products and real hair for powder, I have found out that I do not want real hair on my brushes at all! There may be hair that comes from animals that feel good, but I do not even want to have to take the risk of using fur on the face that comes from an animal that is treated badly. There are soft and nice brushes made of synthetic that work great for powder products as well! But that's my opinion :)

    purple makeup

    Oh I want her lips !!! :)

    In any case, I chose to do a purple make-up on her, to show how you can make beautiful lips if you are unsure of what color to wear. Because if you choose a shade that is quite similar to your own lip color, it will be natural and nice without either having to have noodle lips or a clear color such as pink or red.

    If you choose a shade that is similar to your own lip color (often classic lip colors that look dull in the sleeve but look great on), you only need to decide if you want dark or light, glossy or matte!

    All makeup I have used on Maja comes from GloMinerals :)

    It would be a little fun and interesting to get some feedback on my thoughts in this post, both from individuals and makeup artists! ♥

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    Hug! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hi Helena.
      I think your blog is absolutely unbelievably good, the only makeup blog I really follow all the time. You always have some tips that I can take with me, feel free to refer to you for tips for my daughter as well. Would need any lip gloss or lipstick would you recommend to me, 50 years who make up relatively much on the eyes (should definitely buy the new brown palette from Dr H) have droopy eyelids and therefore do not want too opaque lipstick / gloss but that stays and is raspberry / cherry colored. You have so many to choose from now :)

    2. I'm not a MUA graduate, but I love makeup. And I've noticed that I'm pretty good at teaching what I can. Really sucks for me information about everything I read or see about makeup, type application techniques, etc. And then I test if it works for me.

      When I teach others about makeup (relatives and friends often come to me and ask for help) then I give suggestions on HOW to do, not how to DO. Often says that it is about taste and how you think is easiest, etc. They should enjoy it and that is the most important thing! Maybe it was a bit fuzzy written .. But there are simply no rules, but guidelines you can follow;)

      And that thing with makeup brushes, I have some with real hair since before. But nowadays I try to check if they are synthetic as it feels best for me and my skin, and of course that no animals have been harmed. But I have some favorites with real hair, yes. :)

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