Make up breasts bigger

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    Do you see anything different with me today?


    ??? :)


    I have boobs!

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    Contouring tits :)

    When I was younger I did not do like all the other teenagers who stuffed their bras with paper, I overused sun powder to emphasize the well instead haha. Completely unaware that I was ahead of my time with contouring!

    It is a perfect way to make your tits look a little bigger and fuller without a bra with push up. Good if you do not have much to push up, or if you do not want a bra at all for your outfit.

    Highlighting the gap and clavicle that I have done in these pictures, it is quite simple in fact and also looks natural in reality. And today I thought I would show you how you can easily make your breasts bigger with the help of contouring, if you want to emphasize the tits a little extra in tomorrow's New Year's outfit :)

    IMG_5791_111I have used Pixi Book of Beauty Contour Creator, which I have become completely addicted to! Not to enlarge the tits then, but depending on it to the face haha.


    Even out the skin tone with foundation, I have used gloMinerals Pressed Base.


    Highlight the shape of the breasts and below + over the collarbones with a darker shade than the skin tone.


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    Soften the edges with a larger brush, and apply more of the darker powder on the sides of the décolleté, so that the color blends in better with the skin tone.


    Use a small brush and apply the palette's lightest shade in the middle of the collarbones and breasts.

    IMG_5751_111And then they sit there, round and full;) Natural breast augmentation in 5 minutes! The New Year's dress is saved hihi.

    Hope you found the post helpful. Hugs are! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Just want to thank you for a great blog with amazing makeup. You're super good.
      Reads every day. Wishing you a happy new year.
      / Gos

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