Makeup customer from Malmö

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    This week I had a customer and blog reader from Malmö! She had errands in Stockholm and took the train to Uppsala just to come to me at Creative Makeup, do you understand how honoring it is? :)

    First we did lash color and picked and dyed her eyebrows, it turned out so nice! And then she had also booked a make-up consultation incl. products. It costs SEK 895 and you get optional products for the entire sum! If you also want to book this, you can do it online at our website ♥

    The result was great, she had a lot of redness on her face and had looked into gloMinerals Redness Relief Powder before :)

    A natural base and enlarged eyes :)

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    Face primer - Pixi Flawless & poreless
    Foundation - Pixi H2O Skintint (2 Nude)
    Concealer - gloMinerals Under eye concealer (Golden)
    Powders that remove redness - gloMinerals Redness Relief Powder
    Contouring & highlighter - Pixi Book of beauty contour creator
    Rouge - gloMinerals Blush (Papaya)
    Fixing mist - Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist


    1. Primer throughout the face, it evens out the skin and fills in pores. I always use my fingers for a face primer as it should be worked into the skin properly.
    2. Apply foundation, this is a water-resistant gel foundation that fits great. Works to apply both with fingers or with e.g. a foundation brush so it sinks so well into the skin and does not need to be worked in.
    3. Concealer on pigment spots and under eyes, fix with powder.
    4. Powder that neutralizes redness on cheeks and nose.
    5. Contouring: Dark shadow in the deep parts of the face and on the sides of the nose. Then light in the middle of the face and on the cheekbones. Finish with the glow highlighter in the palette for more radiance in the skin.
    6. Rouge for more shape and life in the face. Here you can watch a video with tips and tricks!
    7. Spray fixing mist all over the face, it causes all products to blend into the skin and becomes a protective layer which gives longer durability.


    Eyebrow pencil and brow gel - Pixi natural brow duo (Natural Brown)


    I filled in the brows with a pencil that is shaped like a triangle and has a brow gel at the other end. I usually always start by filling in the underside of the brow and then I fill in by working in the direction of the straws. Finish with the gel.


    Eyeshadow Primer - Pixi eye bright primer
    Eyeshadows - Paese Opal Eyeshadow (Colorado)
    Light eyeliner along the waterline - gloMinerals Eye Pencil (Peach)
    Eyeliner with wing– Kryolan HD Cream Liner (Ebony)
    Mascara - Magnetic lash mascara


    1. Start with primer for a pigment-rich and lasting result.
    2. Put a little powder in the globe line to fix the primer (not on the whole eye) this makes it easier to get a soft eye makeup when you fade out the eye shadow.
    3. Light eyeshadow on the inside of the eye and in the corner of the eye. I apply all eye shadows on the eyelid with Nanshy Tapered Crease Brush.
    4. Medium light eye shadow on the rest of the eyelid
    5. Relax your forehead and look straight ahead in the mirror, place the dark shadow at the end of the eyelid and over the crease
    6. Fade the edges with Nanshy blending brush.
    7. Apply the shadows on the underside of the eye as well, in the same order as on the eyelid. "Tie together" the eye shadows in the outer corner of the eye. For this I use the smaller brush Nanshy Pencil brush.
    8. Make lashliner with a cream eyeliner. Here you can watch a video on how to do this.
    9. Light up the waterline with a light eyeliner
    10. Finish with mascara, we just put on the lashes for a more lifting effect on the eye.
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    Lipstick -  gloMinerals Suede Matte Crayon (Demure)

    If you also want to book this, you can do it online at our website ♥


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