Make up different sized eyes

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    I received this email the other day and thought to reply in a post:

    "Hello! wondering if you have any tips on makeup for me who have different sized eyes, have much like the ashlee simpsons. is not always you look at her that they are different probably as she knows how to hide it so wonder if you have any tips to make the smaller eye look bigger or vice versa to make the bigger ones look smaller? I know nothing about make-up and am 22 but want to start teaching me now :) Usually look in on you from time to time and always like your make-up :) ”

    This picture what attached:

    Ashlee + Simpson + Makeup + Lip Gloss + owvMxVBddtzl

    Asymmetry in the face has basically everyone, I personally think it is charming but you should definitely get tips on how to make your eyes look more evenly sized! :)

    First of all, it is super good to define your look / details in the look with a celebrity as you do, then you can study lots of pictures of how they put on make-up to get tips themselves!

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    Ashlee Simpson in particular often has dark and fairly marked eyes, which highlights differences when the eye shape becomes so sharp. That is why you can see so clearly in her which make-up details she mainly does to make her eyes look the same size.

    Look closely at this picture:

    Ashlee Simpson's New (1)

    On her left larger eye, she has a wider eyeliner along the upper lash line, which reduces the eyelid a bit.
    On her right smaller eye, she has sooted down the black on the lower lash line a little more, which enlarges the eye.

    It is the smartest way to make the eyes look the same size - to make small changes to both eyes instead of just making one bigger or the other smaller, then you get a quick effect while the make-up itself does not look particularly different!

    Other details that you can do more or less on the eyes:

    Magnifying effects:
    Light eyeliner along the waterline.
    Light eye shadow in the corner of the eye.
    Light eye shadow under the eyebrow.
    Light eye shadow on the inside of the eyelid - and possibly. Apply it higher up than the globe line actually begins, it gives the impression of a larger eyelid.
    Dark eye shadow along the globe line - but higher up than what the globe line actually sits, it gives the impression of a larger eyelid.

    Deepening effects that get a lot of focus:
    Dark eyeliner along the waterline (which may be blurred down along the lash line)
    Dark eyeliner.
    Dark eye shadow, anywhere around the eye.

    I do not want to call the dark details diminishing, because they can also have a magnifying effect depending on how it is applied. It is the dark details that do the big job for the eye shape.

    the perfect sweeping eye shapes

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    Here is an example, the left eye looks more elongated because there I have focused with the dark on the sides and as if "pulled out" the eye. The right eye is more open and around because there I have "pulled down" the focus on the underside and "pulled up" the focus with dark on the top.

    If you find it difficult to make small differences in both eyes to get them the same, then you can instead do this:
    * Start making up one eye (eg the big one) as you want to adjust the eye shadows to that eye shape.
    * Look straight ahead in the mirror and imagine a straight horizontal line between the eyes.
    * Mark out where on the small eye the dark details should sit to be exactly at the same height as on the big eye - you will probably have to make up the dark a bit to end up on the same level.

    In this way, you simply do exactly the same make-up on both eyes, which in itself will make them look more similar, instead of focusing on which parts of the eye you want to reduce / enlarge.


    Finally, faded and lighter make-up will make your eye shape a little more "indistinct", which means that the eyes do not look as different because you do not focus on any particular part of the eye. It can also be good to keep in mind, for example. an everyday make-up you should have so maybe a faded brown eyeliner is a better choice than a sharp black. You can also put a little shimmer in the corner of the eye - but put a little more on the smaller eye.

    If you have any questions, shout out, but I hope you understood everything! :)


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