Make up more vigorously - before & after

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    I had such a good customer in the make-up chair last Saturday! She booked eyebrow pick and eyebrow color as well as make-up consultation incl. products. She wanted help to put on more make-up and wanted a simple make-up with few products.

    Have also made another post on one simple make-up with few products, or if you have been or are ill, I can suggest my post on how you can look fitter. Read the post here: Been sick? Make up your spirits again!

    I made a little special concealer technique on the eyes as well which turned out really well, write more about it in the product list :)

    Here are the results before and after:

    Make up more vigorously - before & after

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    We have used a total of 7 products for this result:


    1. Foundation gel Pixi H2O Skintint (Nude) all over the face. Can be applied with the fingers and sinks in quickly without that you need to work it into the skin. The result is naturally fresh and semi-opaque, there is a big difference while the skin still looks like skin. Holds well in wrinkles and lines too!

    2. Concealers Pixi Pat Away Concealing Base (Nude) under and on the eyes. Very thin layer! Extremely opaque and "fixes" nicely on the skin even if you skip powder, provided you apply a thin layer.

    Technical tips! The most important thing for the customer was to get rid of the dark redness around the eyes while she did not want any type of eye shadows / bronzer or more steps in the routine - just coverage. But if you put a full-covering layer around the entire eye and up to the eyebrows, you kind of have to wear eye shadows so that it does not look unnatural and flat. So what I did was simply not to apply the concealer over the whole area, but to apply it a little more 3-dimensionally directly! I first put concealer in the middle of the eyelid, then I gently dabbed out to the sides of the eye to get a little less coverage there. Then I put thin under the brow and under the eye as well. The result is then: full coverage and bright in the middle of the eyelid, weak coverage on the sides of the eyelid and no coverage at all in the globe line. In this way, her own skin tone becomes a natural shade!

    3. Red glo Skin Beauty Blush (Sandalwood). I chose a tone that is a little more brownish red than pink, so that she can sweep it on more parts of the face as well. This is to get more color and shape in the face after foundation and concealer, but in a simpler way than contouring. So I wrapped the blush in the face deep parts as well.


    4. Multipenn Pixi Natural Brow Duo (Deep brunette) with a triangular brow pencil at one end (easy to use due to not being as sharp as a regular cape) and a brow at the other end. The gel is perfect for her eyebrows because she has such thin straws, so it's nice to emphasize them with gel.

    In this picture, however, I have filled in incredibly sparingly because the eyebrows are also newly colored.


    5. Brown eye shadow Paese Kashmir Eyeshadow (604) along the lash line. Requires almost no precision and goes very fast, also softer as it is brown and a little smoky compared to a sharp, black eyeliner.

    6. Mascaran Magnetic Lash Mascara on only the upper lashes.


    7. The lipstick glo Skin Beauty Lipstick (Pillow Talk). Very similar to her own lip color but emphasizes the shape more. The lipstick is moisturizing and creamy but still quite "firm" on the lips, so it fits very well.

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    Putting on make-up more vigorously does not have to be more difficult than that! :)

    Make up more energetically

    She was very happy and both she and I felt more energetic afterwards! Hope you liked my post about putting on more make-up! :)

    If you also want help from us at Creative Makeup in Uppsala, you can book an appointment easily this spring online booking. Or you can check out all the products directly this spring webshop ♥

    Also read my post - Make-up 40+ before and after.

    Hugs are!

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