Make-up freckles step by step (In a natural way)

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    I really got a craze for putting on freckles! So thought to take the opportunity to show how to apply freckles step by step in a natural way! :)

    I have not done it for a long time so I am not a professional (than hehe) but I still thought to show in a post how I do because it is very simple :)

    before and after natural freckles

    Why makeup freckles?

    Apart from the fact that it's very nice with freckles, I actually do it myself 99% for another reason - I think the bass makeup looks more natural!

    I have a lot of redness in the skin, it is quite flammable, in addition I have pimples and stuff that I want to remove makeup. Although I think it's so nice with light- to medium-covering foundation, I can not help but remove the "blemishes" completely with concealer. And because I do not have any natural freckles or birthmarks that shine through and show that the skin in others the face only has light coverage, so the whole base looks full and quite flat, I think.

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    Before, I instead went east with contouring and blush to give the face life despite the covering base, but after Miska drew freckles on me on New Year's Eve, I got hooked!

    I actually don't care if they look made up and that everyone I know knows that I do not have freckles, I think it's great anyway! :)

    Product selection for Make-up freckles

    I use the same eyebrow pencil I have for my eyebrows - the organic pencil Benecos Eyebrow Designer in the shade Brown. But I actually think I should try the shade Gentle Brown instead / also because it is a little warmer in tone. I can sometimes think that Brown gets just as cold as being freckles.

    I have tested other products as well, shadows, brow pomades, other types of pencils etc. but this honest pencil in wood is what I think is easiest and fastest!

    How do I apply freckles?

    There are a thousand different ways to apply freckles, but here comes a step by step on how I do!

    makeup freckles with pencil

    1. Make-up freckles around the eyes

    Many people think that freckles go like a band over the nose and out a little on the cheeks, but dare to put on the skin just under / around the eye as well! :) It will be great!

    I think it's nice to spread the freckles more and where I put the most densely is probably not over the nose and cheeks but at the eyes actually. There is no right or wrong for everyone's freckles are different!

    brow bone

    2. Make-up freckles over the eyebrows

    I paint freckles over the eyebrows too, it's easy to forget the forehead and temples.

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    makeup freckles on the nose

    3. Make-up freckles on the nose

    On the nose, I think it is most difficult to place the freckles nicely so as not to feel like an Easter bunny. It must not be too spotty! So I just make a few on the very back of the nose and a little more holes about noise on the sides and tip of the nose.

    And a little freckles up between the eyebrows! :)

    makeup freckles on customers

    4. Make-up freckles on cheeks +

    Then I put freckles on my cheeks + dab someone extra here and there, I always do someone on the upper lip, at the jawbone and closer to the chin.

    makeup freckles step by step

    5. Tips! A pencil in your skin tone

    This is actually a eyeliner pencil for the waterline in the eye, but I am so lucky that it suits my skin tone very well as well.

    Because when I'm done with the freckles, I look at the whole and:

    1. Make some freckles a little bigger
    2. Adds someone cheeky here and there
    3. Now to the bright pen: There are always some freckles that I am not 100 happy with, some get too round, some get too big and some get too dark. Then I draw carefully with the light pen! Then you can either make the shape more uneven, make the freckle smaller or just lighten it up.

    I use glo Skin Beauty Precision Eye Pencil (Peach)

    For those of you who do not have a similar skin tone as me, you can use concealer on a small brush instead. Or there are real concealer pens as well but no one knows on straight arm that I tested and can recommend :)

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    powder makeup

    6. Bronzer

    This step is voluntary but I usually end up sweeping on some sun powder as well. It's just because I myself am so winter pale in the skin now, so I think that the contrast between the freckles and the skin tone becomes softer and more natural if I sweep on just a tiny bit of bronzer.

    Other tips!

    The obvious tip is "do not place the freckles too evenly", but it is not simple but I would like to specify the tip to:

    • Make some darker and some lighter
    • Make some bigger and some smaller
    • I make the larger ones quite bright but can then dab a little more on only part of the dot, so that it e.g. is a little darker in the middle or on the side.
    • Doing uneven not only means large gaps between certain dots, but makes some very close to each other as well!

    2. I fiddle with the pen rather than "draw".

    3. Do not powder the base too much before, it should preferably not be sticky but if it is too dry you have to press harder with the pen to get color because the pen itself is also in the dry direction.

    4. I usually start with a fairly sharpened cape and make all the smaller dots, then at the end (or after filling in the eyebrows as well) the cape is a bit blunter and then I make some larger light dots as well.

    make-up freckles replica

    Satisfied! Hope you liked this post about makeup freckles, get in touch if you have any questions!

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    Hugs are ♥



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