Hooded eyes makeup (5 tips)

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    Hooded eyes are very common to wear. This is when you have quite a lot of skin on the eyelids, so that it becomes like a hood when you look straight ahead and then the eyelids are not so visible.

    Hood = Luva.

    I think it's really cute with hooded eyes, you get such a mischievous look in some way :)

    However, it can be a little harder when you have to put on make-up!

    blake lively hooded eyes

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    Blake Lively is a clear example of this.

    It's a little hard to show tips for hooded eyes when I do not have it myself, but I give it a try!

    (These tips apply even if you have had sagging eyelids over the years)

    1. Eyeliner

    If you paint a wide eyeliner, you basically only see black when you look straight ahead, and nothing of the make-up. But if you try to stick more to the scalp scalp, you can get away with this.

    2. Eyelinervinge

    Eyeliner wings can be a bit difficult, because you often have a crease (from the globe line) in the outer edge that makes everything look crooked.

    * Ignore the rule that you should imagine a line from the lower lash line and upwards.
    * Paint your eyeliner wing in the line that fits your eyelids (so that it does not touch the crease) even if it ends up too far out.
    * Continue with the eyeliner down under the eye, and in this way cheat out the straight line that you usually follow from the lower lash line and outwards.

    (Picture of this will be further down in the post)

    3. Eye shadow

    In order for the eye shadow to be visible as much as possible even when you look straight ahead, you can place the eye shadow higher than the crease line.

    A tip is to look straight ahead in the mirror, then you will see exactly where on the eyelid "begins to be seen" at the top!

    4. Eyebrows

    Not everyone wants the eyeshadow to be very high up, you feel easily made up if there is too little space between the eyeshadow and the eyebrows. Therefore, it is smart to try to pick the eyebrows as high as possible, then the gap becomes larger and you have more "space" to put on make-up.

    You can also raise the eyebrow a little easily by filling in extra in the upper edges, it gives the illusion that the entire eyebrow is higher up.

    5. Highlighter

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    People with hooded eyes often find that their eyes feel more "closed" than others. To get a more open look, I recommend light eye shadow in the corner of the eye and under the eyebrows, as well as a white eyeliner along the waterline.

    Applying a light eye shadow under the eyebrows also gives the impression that the eyebrows are higher up!

    Makeup "hooded eyes" (5 tips)

    Makeup "hooded eyes" (5 tips)

    Hope you understood everything, and that the post about putting on "hooded eyes" was helpful!

    Do you also want to see one tutorial on this makeup, so there it is on Modern Mom :)

    Kiss and hug!

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