Make-up mirror with lamps in the handbag

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Last Saturday I was at an event with Infinatura Cura Oil which is a new oil that is launched on today! I have not had time to test it properly yet, it takes some time to test skin care products, but it sounds good anyway and my thought is that why would a mixture of great oils not work well? :)

In any case, it is available for purchase here and now costs SEK 299 instead of words. price SEK 399.

But that was not what I was really going to say, but in our goodie bag at the event I got a fun make-up mirror in a good size for the handbag - and it has built-in lights! :)


The mirror is from the hair care brand Four Reasons, I can not find it on any website, so I guess it might just be a printed advertising item but I think it's very cute! :)

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Linda Hallberg posted a post a while ago and wrote "what would you never spend money on?" and this for my part would probably fall into that category if I shop for myself haha. But it's a fun gift and now that I have it, I'm very happy about it!

The lamps are not mega strong but perfect when the phone is dead (otherwise you can shine with it) and you e.g. sits on the bus and wants to double check that the lipstick is where it should be, etc. An "unnecessary" thing that CAN be the savior in times of need :) Or what do you say?


Hug! ♥

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  1. Hi, this is about your post , do not know if you read comments on old posts so post my question here: I really liked your tip about black eyeshadow between the lashes (step 6 in your tutorial) because eyeliner always looks semi-boring on me as you always see the skin between the lashes very much ( no matter how close to the lash line I try to draw the eyeliner). I never figured out what to do about it. It looks like an ugly space between the eye and the eyeliner and it destroys the whole effect, I think. But now I have tested your tip a few times, and it gets much better, but I always get a lot of black eye shadow that falls under the eye. Any tips to counteract that? MVH makeup beginner.

    • Hey! I see all comments no matter how old the posts are, it becomes like a list when I log in to the blog :)

      Glad you liked my tip! It is important not to have too much eye shadow on the brush, rub a little against your hand or dab a piece of paper before applying. If you still have problems (it often depends on the consistency of the eye shadow), you can keep a piece of paper under the eye while you apply, or put some loose powder under the eye which you brush off later and then all the fallen eye shadow follows as well.

      Or you can use something other than eye shadow that does not dust, the easiest then in my opinion is a cake eyeliner or gel eyeliner that you apply with a narrow slanted brush. You can also use mascara, but be a little careful because if you have a mascara that dries quickly, it can be difficult to get nice lashes later if you have already dried mascara in the lashes' scalp.

      Hope my tips were helpful!

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