Make-up eyes that are tight

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    Emma sa…
    I wonder if you have any tips or tricks on making your eyes look like they are not so tight, which mine do ..


    What you do is that mark the eyes at the outer edges, so that it is lighter on the inside and darker on the outside.

    The most effective is to put dark eye shadow on the outer part of the eyelid, but you can also play with other details!

    Ex. Dark eyeliner at the end of the lash lines, and / or divide internal fransraden (the waterline) with black eyeliner on the outside and white on the inside.

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    You can also apply extra very light eye shadow on the inside of the eyelid. As well as on the lower lash line just apply mascara on the outer lashes.

    The principle is that light inside, dark outside gives the impression that the eyes are further apart.

    It's the same thing if you do on the contrary, if wants that the eyes should appear to sit tighter. Then you focus the dark part on the inside of the eye.

    An example is this golden pretty neutral makeup I did today.

    Then I have focused the dark shadow in the outer edges, and also divided the inner lash line with white and black eyeliner.

    (All eyeshadows are from Eleven 180 Palette)

    Light highlighter shadow in the corner of the eye, under the brow and at the bottom below the lash line.
    Light, golden eye shadow on the inside of the eyelid.
    Valid eye shadow in the middle of the eyelid.
    Brown eye shadow at the end of the eyelid and the lower lash line.

    White eyeliner innermost on the inner lash line, H&M.
    Black eyeliner at the end of the inner lash line, Gloprecisio Eye Pencil (Black)

    Black mascara on all the upper lashes and the outer lower ones, Make Up Store, Multilash.

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    Hope you understood!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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