Make up pimples step by step

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    Here is a post on how you can make away pimples in a way that looks very natural. Step by step, before and after pictures, product tips and lots of info!

    Removing pimples does not have to mean that you make a full-face mask all over your face, with the right products and knowledge you can get a natural base at the same time as you conjure away all the red dots! :)

    The product tips are suitable for all skin types, regardless of whether you are dry or oily, because not everyone with pimples automatically has oily skin. I myself have oily skin, but if you read this and have normal / dry skin, you can do exactly the same but take less of the degrading powder only.

    Make up pimples step by step:

    More about that further down:

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    make up pimples step by step

    Sometimes the attraction team works better than you want;) Last weekend, Malin and I (who are web assistants in the company) sat and talked about my makeup posts in the webshop. Some are old and would need to be renewed. An example is the posts where I show step by step how you can remove pimples with our products.

    Then I said "but I can not take pictures before and after of pimples if I do not have any pimplesr, my skin has been so heavenly good lately”.

    Cut to: My skin today, it's been a long time since I had such big and irritated blemishes that really hurt! I have a sore throat too and first thought it spread up to my ear before I realized that half the pain was the big fin that was sitting there haha.

    But I'm happy about that, because now I can take before and after pictures and show you how to cover pimples easily with our products! :)

    Products & purpose:

    make up pimples products

    The purpose of today's base make - up is to show that just because you have pimples, you do not need to have full make - up on your entire face. I have applied a colored face primer all over the face which gives very weak coverage and then a full-coverage concealer only on the pimples, that's all the coverage, nothing more!

    A little powder on it (to fix the concealer properly) then it's ready :) In the picture above I also have contouring, blush, eyebrows and lips, then the base was completely finished.

    Before after:

    Here is the result after the three products I show in the first picture - colored primer, concealer and powder:

    make up pimples before and after

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    In these times with all filters and edited images everywhere, I must also add that even solid makeup type is magic then it is not 100% magic.

    A red pimple can be completely removed if it is flat and even in structure, but like these pimples which are a bit sore + stand out, it is not possible to get completely smooth no matter how good products you have. So do not stare blindly in the mirror, no one is looking at you so closely. You can create illusions but you can not fill in heights. Not with ordinary makeup in any case;)

    At the salon we have very strong light at the mirrors and in the last 2 years it has become more common for people to point out lines under the eyes and that a pimple is "still visible" even though it is completely covered, the answer is as simple as we do not sell instagram filters;) You can even out both skin tone and skin structure a lot, but if you look closely you will still be human :)

    Step by step on how to make up pimples:

    Of course I will show you step by step too! Further down in the post, you see close-ups of the pimples step by step as well.

    make up remove pimples primer

    1. Tinted Primer from glo Skin Beauty

    A colored face primer, what is the purpose of it?

    This primer is absolutely insanely soft in the formula, so lovely !! The result is matte and does not need to be fixed with powder and contains sunscreen (spf 30). So if you use it all alone, you can say that there are four products in one - sunscreen, primer, foundation and powder!

    With or without foundation
    Either you can use the primer without foundation on top. The result is a smoother skin structure and a smoother skin tone at the same time! But weak coverage and a natural result.

    Or you have a foundation left over. This means that you can have less foundation (you know that I advocate thin layers of more products than a thick layer of the same), which is extra nice if you, like me, often use mineral foundation.

    I myself use it a little differently, but often completely alone. Then it is enough to supplement with concealer and I will be satisfied with the coverage. If the skin structure is even, I do not feel that I need as much coverage either.

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    make up pimples step by step

    I apply with my fingers only, quickly and easily.

    The coverage is weak when compared to a foundation, more like a colored day cream I would say. As you can see in the picture, the skin becomes much smoother, but it has such a weak coverage that redness shines through almost as much as before. But for the rest of the face, that coverage is enough if you want a natural result :)

    Also available in more shades, even dark! I have Light in this post.

    makeup off pimples foundation
    Click on the image to shop, read more & see swatch images ↑

    concealer make up pimples

    2. Under Eye Concealer from glo Skin beauty

    This concealer is called "under eye" and I use it partly under the eyes but do not be fooled by the name because it is so good on the whole face and on pimples too!

    Why is it so good on pimples?

    Since it is made for the thin skin under the eyes, it is very thin in texture but still very pigment-rich, you really need a little bit. And these are properties that are exemplary on pimples as well. You do not want a thick and sticky layer without a lot of coverage of a small amount of cream.

    I'm generally a little bit against canned cream products, but not when it comes to concealer for these irritated pimples! Because then I want to use a separate brush with exactly the right amount (which you then choose yourself) which I wash between times. It feels more hygienic than concealers with applicator brush in the lid that you never clean.

    If you use a concealer under your foundation, it is not really as important to match the color exactly, because the foundation will make your concealer blend in. But in this post, I do not apply any foundation and then it is important that the shade matches your skin tone.

    That it is two-colored is then great because there is not a huge difference in the shades (so that in the end you only use one of them) so it fits all year, in the winter I only use the light and in the summer only the dark, but right now I'm mixing.

    But also I use different in different parts of the face. It's individual but I'm lighter in the middle of my face and a little darker in the rest. In addition, I want an enlightened tone under the eyes. So I myself use the light alone under the eyes, a mixture 50/50 on most pimples but on some I use almost only the darker. Because as I said, so much darker than it is not.

    I do not mix the creams on the side, but if I want a mixed shade, I dab lightly with a brush in the light cream and then lightly on the dark one. Then it mixes directly on the skin then.

    Also available in more shades! I have Golden in this post.

    cover a pimple

    I use a small brush and dab on the pimples, I spread the cream around the pimple with the brush so that it melts into the skin. So dab on, spread out the edges.

    Which brush you use actually matters as long as it is small so that you get precision. In this post I use Nanshy Tapered Crease brush which is actually for eye shadows. But a flat goes just as well, e.g. the concealer brush in wood from Eco Minerals.

    Keep in mind that it is very good! You need very little!

    good concealer against pimples
    Click on the image to shop and read more ↑

    powder against pimples

    3. Bamboo Silk Powder from Paese

    Why do you need powder too?

    Fix concealer
    The concealer fits well without fixing with powder if you apply a thin layer, but when you cover this much, I usually recommend fixing with powder so that the cream stops being creamy. Otherwise there is a risk that it will drop if you happen to access the area during the day.

    Pillows all over the face if you have oily skin
    But the colored primer does not need to be fixed with powder, so if you have dry / normal skin, it is enough to dab powder only where you have applied concealer. But I who have oily skin apply the powder on the face to keep it shiny free longer.

    Add glow! The end result does not have to be dull
    The result of this is thus dull, but it is very easy to get a glow on the face if you wish. Spray Pixi Makeup Fixing mist which both extends the durability of the makeup and gives a more moisturized result, as well as adding a lustrous highlighter on the high parts of the face. For example. Pixi Glow-Y-Powder!

    Click on the image to shop & read more ↑

    Close-ups - make up pimples:

    I also took close-ups of each step so you can see the difference after each product even more clearly:

    step by step make up pimples

    Here you can see more clearly that the colored primer does not provide significant coverage on the pimples themselves, but enough for the rest of the face. On the pimples, it is the concealer that does the job!

    how do i make up pimples

    Clear! Three simple steps but a lot of info haha :)

    Hope you were inspired and that the tips were helpful and that you learned how to make up pimples with the help of my step by step guide!

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    Hug ♥

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