Make up small eyelids

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    Nora sa…
    Hi Helena! Do you have any make-up tips for me that have such "small" or thin eyelids that even a very thin eyeliner fills the entire eyelid? In addition, I have a hard time painting right next to the lash line because my eyelashes start quite far up. ”

    It's hard to say exactly without seeing your eyes, but look straight ahead in the mirror and look at exactly what areas are actually visible, and focus there instead!

    For example, if you put an eyeshadow on the eyelid, then look at how high up you can apply the eyeshadow so that it does not end up too close to the eyebrow so that you feel uncomfortable, but still end up above the eyelid and the crease so that it is visible even when you look ahead. . Then it does not matter if your eyeliner is the only thing that is visible from the eyelid, because the eye shadow is also visible a little further up!

    And make-up details that you want to be seen more, a nice color for example, you can instead apply it on the lower lash line or in the corner of the eye, then you do not have to "mess" with the eyelid and your make-up is visible all the time :)


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    Image source (before I drew on the picture myself). Here is an eye shape that also does not show the eyelid except when the person is blinking. Then how big / small the eyelid is when the person closes their eyes is not as important in this context.

    In the left picture I have shown that if you apply the eyeshadow on the entire eyelid and continue a bit upwards, your eyeshadow will still be visible when you look straight ahead.

    In the right picture I have put the nice color on the underside of the eye instead, because then it is visible all the time :) Here I have also shown that such eye shapes fit very well in smoky eyes!

    Now you got some basic tips, but if you are wondering more about any specific detail, just shout.


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