Make-up for pass / leg / driving license

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    A suitable make-up for a passport / leg / driver's license is an important part of how the picture turns out :) It is very rare that you are satisfied with your photo, we have probably all been through that!

    To succeed reasonably, you must first and foremost prepare in the right way. It's not just about looking good in reality, the trick is to look good on a black and white card!

    Update: Click here to see my updated post about this.

    makeup-black and white photo

    7 make-up tips for passports / identification / driving license:

    1. Skip the blush.
    If you have a lot of blush on your cheeks, this will just be a gray shadow in the picture = your cheeks may look more sunken. I usually skip the blush completely before black and white pictures :)

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    2. Shading and highlighter (contouring)
    Many people experience that the face becomes wider and more "flat" in black and white images than they are in reality. Shading and highlighter (contouring) that highlights the facial features is then the solution!

    Lighten up places that bend outwards, such as the nose bone, cheekbones, forehead and chin. And put a darker shadow on deep parts such as the sides of the nasal bone, under the cheekbone, in the temples and along the jawbone / sides of the chin.

    Tips on good palette for this: Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit (adlink)

    3. Concealer
    All small defects (eg pimples, lines, pits, pigment spots) are much more visible if you have light skin and take black and white photos. The skin turns white while all blemishes turn gray and black. Therefore, you can work a little extra with concealer than you do otherwise!

    Tip: A favorite concealer for both eyes and face is glo Skin Beauty Under Eye Concealer (adlink).

    4. Avoid a lot of eye shadow
    Different shades and color shifts look great in reality, but on a black and white passport photo it can look like just a gray spot. In addition, these black and white images often become a bit shady - then the make-up looks slightly uneven as well. A black sweep goes home on a black and white fashion shoot, but on a passport photo it is seldom as good.

    The easiest way is to put your contouring shadows on your eyes too! :) Tips on how to do this I show in the post: Contouring the eyes!

    5. Visible eyes
    The eyes tend to disappear a bit on black and white cards if you do not make them up. Paint the waterline light and mark the lash lines with black eyeliner / a little eye shadow and your eyes will "pop" in the picture even though you have a little eye makeup.

    My best bright eyeliner is without a doubt glo Skin Beauty Precision Eye Pencil (adlink) in the shade Peach! Durable and gives a great effect, but at the same time becomes natural :) The black and brown shades are also spotless!

    6. Neutral lips
    Red lips look dark gray in a black and white image, which can be really cool! If, on the other hand, you want a more natural lip, I recommend a color that is close to your own lip color.

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    Feel free to mark the lip contour with a lip pencil so that you emphasize the lip shape nicely. NYX Professional Makeup Mechanical Lip Pencil (adlink) is super good at this!

    7. Eyebrows
    The eyebrows are usually seen quite well on this type of card and if you are also discreetly made up, they take up even more space. Well-shaped eyebrows will be super nice on the card and also frame the whole face.

    My favorite eyebrow pencil is glo Skin Beauty Micro Brow Liner (adlink) so is very easy to paint with regardless of whether you have narrow, wide, sparse or full eyebrows!

    Here is today's simple make-up, as I looked today when I took my picture before the theory test:


    Compared to how I usually put on make-up, it is an incredibly discreet and gentle make-up.

    But as a make-up for pass / leg / driver's license in black and white, it is great! The eyes are highlighted nicely and I look like myself :)

    makeup-black and white photo

    Speaking of which, I actually have a make-up that is completely contrary to all these principles on my passport! I had not prepared before, but worked right opposite the police station and spontaneously went there after work to get a new passport.

    Then I had a colorful blue party sweep around my eyes, quite a lot of blush and also I was tired and the basic makeup did not sit as well after a day in the classy restaurant kitchen. I look like a really tired gangster on that card haha!

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    Luckily you learn from your mistakes;)


    By the way, I passed the test too! :) So it's not just a make-up for pass / leg / driving license but also a TOUR make-up, haha!

    Now there is only the last (and most difficult) part left, the drive-up. So keep your fingers crossed for a while longer!

    (Update: I managed the run-up too! Wihoo!)

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    1. Oh what I wish I had found here and read this before I had to retake my passport photo last spring / summer !! The shadows around my nostrils and around my nose ruined the whole picture so it looks like I have a GIANT nose and had chosen a little extra makeup around my eyes too! :( The ID card looks exactly the same… unfortunately

    2. Know this is an old post but saw it on the side here on the blog and had to click me in here! Great and thought-provoking tips - even though I always get really damn (excuse the language) on ID cards and passport cards, it's something I've never tested and this gives me liiiiite hope that my driver's license can maybe be saved haha. By the way, I think you looked incredibly cute and a little younger here! Kind of like you were still in high school haha (positively). Very cute in blonde hair simply! ^^ (hope you don't mind)

      Hug Miss 22

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