Make-up on the trip

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Every time I have gone abroad, I have pretty much fixed myself for the evenings. This is my and Miska's 4th trip abroad and for the first time I will try to put on as little make-up as possible and just be lucky!

But it's hard to know beforehand how much you will want to put on make-up, I'm not going to force myself to be made up:) I will probably be eager to make myself a little extra nice in any case, you do not know before. So I have still packed some makeup with me in case that and thought to show you what I have prioritized!


Eyes: Eyeshadow primer, Annika's Favorite shadow, 2 trio palettes, colorful eyeliner, black eyeliner, Mascara.

Face: 2 foundations in different colors, matte face primer, concealer (both light and green), blush, sun powder, highlighter (actually an eye shadow)

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Lips: 2 neutral lipsticks and a moisturizing noodle lip gloss

Other: Makeup brushes, tweezers, eyebrow scissors and eyebrow cream

It actually did not strike me until I stood and took pictures that everything in the picture except the eyebrow products is from my webshop !! It was a little fun, and a proof that I sell my favorites!

The only thing I forgot to present in the picture is an eyelash curler, perfect when I dyed the lashes before I went, then just bend them a little so they are much more visible:)

Hugs are!

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