Make-up self-course online!

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    Make-up yourself course online is a great way to learn how to put on make-up without pressure. The lessons are taken at your own pace and repeated comfortably at home.

    NOTE! The post contains advertising for my own make-up course Helena Amiley Academy of Makeup (

    Now we are LIVE with my make-up training for private individuals !!! Tjohoo! :)

    Make-up self-course online

    What does the make-up yourself course mean?

    A make-up self-course online for private individuals who want to become better at making up themselves and receive personal make-up advice and product recommendations.

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    It is not only the web training that is included but also personal feedback and product advice. A bit like a make-up consultation online, but better! :)

    It is not uncommon for make-up and products to feel like a whole jungle. Where do you start? In fact, if you just get a little help on the stack, it's not difficult at all. In this training you will learn everything from the basics to those little secret "dot over i-tricks"!


    I go through everything from skin to base, eyebrows, eyes and lips. I also show several different variants in certain areas, such as different types of eye makeup.

    Click here to see the curriculum!

    The movies are about 10 min so every step is not a full day project right away :)


    The level of make-up self-course online is beginner / intermediate. Beginner level because I describe everything so heavenly thoroughly so you do not need any prior knowledge at all! But also intermediate level because if you learn all (or most) steps that I go through - then your makeup is far from beginner level.

    That's how it goes:

    Web training is divided into lessons. Each lesson has a video where I both talk and shows all makeup tips so you can do the same. Each lesson also has text and pictures so you can easily go back and rehearse quickly without having to watch the entire video again.

    All this is optional, but when you have completed the training, it also includes:

    2. Product advice. Here you send in thoughts such as "should I have this color or this?"Or"my skin is like this, but I'm not sure if this or that primer suits me best?”:) You can also attach pictures if necessary.

    I do not know all the products on the market, but will mainly give recommendations on products that I work with as a makeup artist and therefore can very well. We collaborate with the web shop which I myself have founded that sells hand-picked products from different brands and all are cruelty free.

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    3. Feedback on your makeup! In this step (which is the last step in the training) you can attach pictures of your make-up and get tips. For example. if it's something you have a hard time getting to or generally want tips on improvements or just a pat on the back for how extremely nice you have put on your make-up! :)

    Something for you?

    The education is adapted to all people, regardless of age, skin type and colors (eye colors, hair colors, undertones, skin tones, etc.).

    So you really do not have to look like me for all the tips and steps to fit. I am used to applying makeup to all types of people and have adapted the tips to suit all types of looks.

    Partner - Creative Makeup

    The training is a completely new website and is therefore not under my salon and web shop but is a completely new platform.

    On the other hand, we of course work with the web shop to be able to put together a product list that suits you, based on your wishes, because these are the products I work with myself (many of the products I have worked with for many years) and so you can order all your new products from the same place.

    Everyone who buys the course also gets a 10% discount! :)

    Launch party!

    Of course we also have a promotional code to celebrate the launch! If you enter the discount code launch party! then you get a 20% discount on the course!

    I would also like to point out that the discount code also applies to the purchase of gift cards - such a fun gift, right ?? :) Tips tips tips!


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    Helena Amiley
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