Makeover makeup + hair

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    You know how you can sometimes feel yourself looking in the mirror and asking "what happened?" because there are so many things that are not top notch at the same time. You just want a makeover!

    So I had last weekend. I felt pale and dull, my skin was unclean, my brow lift had gone out so my eyebrows hung long down to my eyes. I have not done anything with the nails for several months and the hair had grown long + that I was not allowed to use silver shampoo or color wraps for 2 months before the hairdresser's visit so the tone is like this ..

    But since I had actually booked a hairdresser's visit and was going to deal with all the other circumstances at the same time, I got the brilliant idea that you should follow my makeover step by step! :)

    I still looked nice of course but was not directly pissed off by what I saw in the mirror if you say so;) Beauty is wellness, I feel so much more alert when I enjoy how I look. When the outside reflects the inside!

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    1. Eyebrow plucking

    I cleaned all the brows, away with all the little hairs! There was also a cleansing of the groin on the upper lip.

    Pick Eyebrow Makeover

    2. Brow lift

    Now that I know how nice my eyebrows can be, I can not stop with brow lift! I love it! :)

    browgel brow lift

    Read more about brow lift:

    brow lift
    Click on the image to read more ↑

    3. Hair care & skin care

    • Wash your hair. I also had deep cleansing shampoo that removes coatings and residues. Perfect before visiting the hairdresser! Just that step gave the hair a finer tone.
    • Exfoliate the face, remove with all impurities!
    • Face mask - I tested Pixi's New sheet mask. Whether this news qualifies in our web shop or not? To be continued ;)

    pixi vitamininc face mask

    4. Manicure

    While the face mask did its thing, I painted my nails in a bright dark pink color. Good spring!

    Clean and fresh!

    5. Makeup

    I also flattened my hair because since I have permanent hair, I wanted to simplify for the hairdresser.

    Then it was time for the makeup! It turned out to be a pretty natural look :)

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    6. Hairdresser visit !!!

    No but Monica Werner on Color and the Shape is a MAGICIAN! She is cruel at balayage, blonde tones, pastels and crazy colors.

    Here is the result:

    Before and After Makeover Hair


    We cut a lot in length and bleached with balayage brush to preserve very deep in the hair even though we brightened it up a lot.

    before and after blonde hair

    Makeover hair

    Before after

    The before and after pictures above are only on the hair. But before and after my entire makeover you see here:

    Makeover before and after

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    Think that you can look so different from one day to another, haha!

    nice makeover

    Now I feel whole again after this nice makeover! haha :) ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. You are fine no matter what, but it turned out really well! Very nice! And the nails, what color / brand is it?

      I must also just add that your previous post inspired me yesterday. Not quite the same colors though. I looked up some old shadows, and put yellow at the bottom, orange in the middle and red at the far end. Black tightlining slightly drawn out as eyeliner. Didn't know what to do in the globe line so as not to sabotage the other colors, so I did nothing, but it felt like something would have been there. Before I washed it off, I tested with a little glitter in the middle. Maybe I'm doing something similar today? Since no one in the family commented on my makeup, I guess it was quite discreet, but still, I felt fine!

      • The nail polish is Isadora but the shade has unfortunately expired! But OH what fun to hear! It really heats up a lot! :) I also know from experience that you can sometimes have any distinctive make-up at all without anyone commenting, so it might not have been so discreet anyway :) Hugs to you!

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