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    I have previously written some tips here in the blog about what to keep in mind when applying a little older skin.

    But it may be difficult to understand exactly, when I show myself who has not even turned 20 yet.

    That's why my boyfriend's mother had to set up as a model. And to hit two birds with one stone, I made one everyday make-up on one side of the face and one party makeup on the other!

    Miska's mother Oili is 40+, almost 50 years old, and has got some sagging eyelids and wrinkles around the eyes.

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    But oh how beautiful she is, really black eyelashes and naturally a darker tone in the skin so she does not have to be dull winter pale like another.

    I have been picking on her eyebrows for a year now, you can see the first before and after pictures of them here!

    Basically, I recommend liquid / creamy products as the elderly usually have a little drier skin. In addition, it blends better into the skin and becomes smoother around fine lines. Only powder products can look a little unnatural. On the party make-up, I have put a little more blush than in everyday life.

    Face primer throughout the face that fills in wrinkles and bumps in the skin and makes it easier to work and smooth, Pure Minerals Correcting Primer.
    Floating FoundationPure Minerals 4 in 1 Liquid.
    Discreet sun pillows in the temples, under the cheekbones and the sides of the chin, Dr Hauschka Bronze Powder EKO.
    Red rose on the cheekbones,  gloMinerals gloBlush Powder Rouge (Papaya)

    Glossy party lipsPure Minerals Gloss Stick (Beach Bum)
    Natural everyday lips, Lypsyl + red.

    For older eyes, I recommend focusing on the top of the eye, and brightening / enlarging as much as possible to open up the gaze. In addition, I prefer matte eye shadows, as shimmer can highlight wrinkles.

    Eye primer on the eyelid, only up to the brow and along the lower lash line, Pure Minerals Eye Shadow Primer.
    Eyeshadow palette with 4 brown eye shadows (have used this for both eyes, to make it easy for you) IsaDora 44 Muddy Nudes.

    Party eyes:
    Light eye shadow along the lower lash line, in the corner of the eye and under the brow.
    Light brown eye shadow deepest on the eyelid.
    Brown eye shadow along the globe line.
    Dark brown eye shadow at the end of the eyelid and slightly up on the globe line.

    White eyeliner along the waterline, IsaDora Inliner Kajal (Satin White)
    Dark brown eyeliner along the upper lash line, slightly blurred with dark brown eye shadow over, Pure Minerals Eye Pencil (Chocolate Mica)
    Black mascara on the eyelashes, L'Oréal Paris Mega Volume Collagen 24H Mascara. Unfortunately did not have a lash curler on hand, it can otherwise be recommended as the elderly often have very straight eyelashes.
    Brow shadow, gloMinerals Brow Kit.

    Everyday eyes:
    Light eye shadow along the lower lash line, in the corner of the eye, under the brow and on the entire eyelid.
    Light brown eye shadow along the globe line.

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    White eyeliner along the waterline, IsaDora Inliner Kajal (Satin White)
    Black mascara on the eyelashes, L'Oréal Paris Mega Volume Collagen 24H Mascara.

    Then I made both sides the same, so she could go out and have fun without looking crooked :)

    Here you can clearly see that I put the eye shadow in the globe line a little, a little further up than what her real globe line is. This is done to make the eyelid look bigger, and it also gives the eye a more open impression!



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