Makeup for redheads

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    Emmelie sa…
    “By the way, I've always had a hard time seeing what colors I fit in when it comes to makeup. I have natural red hair, it goes in the darker direction, almost a little reddish brown. And of course light skin. Couldn't you do some makeup that would suit us redheads? Do we fit in strong colors too? :) I rarely put on make-up in stronger colors as I am afraid I will not fit in it :) ”

    I am such a person who has difficulty with makeup rules, and could never say that a person with red hair does not fit in a specific color. But I can help you with my personal taste :)

    As for eye makeup, my tip is to test yourself, if you are hungry for a certain color, try it and feel if you feel good or not - and there you have the answer. It is of course a habit too, but if you are self-critical / insecure it is a YES if you hesitate, and a NO if you feel cross-eyed :)

    My personal taste is that red hair fits wonderfully well in the colors:
    Eye makeupTurquoise, khaki green, navy blue, dark purple, gold and all earthy shades.
    Lip colorsAll shades of red. Dark lips such as burgundy, and dark purple, or bright colors such as peach, orange and light red (I do not mean pink when I say light red, but rather a red color that is not opaque on the lips)

    Green is a complementary color to red / purple, and that's why I think it's so nice with just green colors - green and red emphasize each other! Khaki green is then a color that is a little more down to earth and easy to wear if you are unsure, while turquoise is a more vibrant color if you want eyes that are more visible.

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    At the same time, I love when you very obviously work with colors that many do not think go together, and pink and red is such a combo that many hate. But if I had red hair, I would undoubtedly have worn a bright pink eye make-up at the next party! :) And very often bright pink lips too.

    makeup redheadA photoshop image I fixed a bit quickly to show green makeup and red hair :)

    It is a very typical way of thinking for us girls to think "what do I fit in?". It's really very simple - what you feel good about, you fit in! :)

    Before, I was eager to buy a red sweater and asked a friend if she thought I fit in, and she said no without even hesitating. It stuck in my head, and when I then got the urge to try red lips (which no one in my circle of acquaintances used at the time), I began to hesitate a lot because I "did not fit in red".

    When I then tested red lips and felt good about it, I realized that I fit in it too! But there are other details like me not  I feel good about it, and then I also conclude that I do not fit into just that stuff. Because basically we dress up for ourselves, and if we feel good, others will automatically think so too because it shines through :)

    What I am trying to say is that there is a big difference between not using colors you love due to rules that someone has told you, and not using colors that you think are nice but do not like because you do not think you fit. in it. Do you follow?

    Hope my post about redhead makeup was helpful! Feel free to comment if you have any questions or comments. Can also tip about my post about Glam smokey eyes - step by step! :)

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