Makeup inspiration at Realitystjärnorna på Godset

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    Have any of you seen yesterday's episode of Realitystjärnorna på Godset?

    When I work at home, I usually start different TV programs that I do not take the time to watch otherwise. You actually only need to listen to most programs, so I usually listen to it instead of podcasts sometimes :)

    And today I had (like every Tuesday for the past 3 weeks) the Reality stars at Godset in the background, I think it's so much fun! And the only time I take a break from work and watch too, it's the last minutes when they have dinner because it's such fun makeup inspiration! Aina's lipstick in the last episode, huur nice was not it ?? And Zubeyde's golden eye shadow, so heavenly nice !! :) Ideally, I would have combined the details in the same make-up, it would have been perfect!


    Surely Aina was great in this lip color? :)

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    Speaking of something else - Miska says that you see what you are afraid of, and that I who have spider phobia see spiders more often than others because my eyes are drawn to them. Interesting.

    I therefore wonder:
    Anyone know what Aina has for lipstick so I can run and buy a similar one? :)
    2. Was it just me who saw the spider on the wall that appeared in the episode for about a second ????


    This is roughly what I looked like when I discovered the little crab, which I wish I had never seen because now it crawls all over my body!

    Anyway, now I'm going to go back to my makeup pictures that I was working on before, and very soon you will see today's step by step makeup! :)

    Hug ♥

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    Helena Amiley
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