Make-up mirror & dressing table for the perfect make-up place

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    There are many who are looking for a make-up mirror and dressing table for the perfect make-up place like this in the autumn / winter. I always get questions about my makeup mirror as Christmas begins to approach.

    This is partly because many people are looking for Christmas gift tips, a nice make-up mirror in a Christmas gift is so appreciated! But it also depends on the autumn darkness, it is carbon black outside when you have to put on make-up in the morning. We need light! :)

    Cheap makeup mirror with lighting

    What is "cheap" is a question of definition. The make-up mirror that I have used the longest costs between SEK 2,300 and SEK 5,400, depending on size, so compared to that, my first tip is a good alternative for only SEK 695.

    The makeup mirror (adlink) that I use today is from the brand Brow Game. We sell their tweezers in my web shop here and use them in the salon as well. Very good brand!

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    The good thing about the makeup mirror is:

    • Ring light lighting around the entire mirror. Even and nice light!
    • Takes up little space
    • Weighs almost nothing and is easy to move
    • Can be "folded", so the mirror foot can be removed so you can put both parts flat in e.g. a box if not in use.
    • Dimmable lighting
    • Can be charged and used wirelessly, or have the cord connected at all times.
    • Has a usb connector so you can either charge it in a regular adapter or in gadgets with a USB socket, eg in the computer or if you want to put on make-up in the car;) Perfect for me later when I live van life!
    • Affordable, costs SEK 695 at the time of writing (adlink)

    Less good features, which are good to know about before buying:

    • It does not have super strong light if you are used to more effective makeup mirrors or ring lights. It will be even, but if you are sitting in a carbon black room, you might have wanted to increase the brightness a little more.
    • Battery life is not that long if you use it wirelessly.
    • A little too short cord, you need sockets close or use an extension cord if it is to be connected during use

    Summary: Nice make-up mirror with good quality for you who want a cheap make-up mirror that takes up little space. Not the first choice for the pros but definitely worth the money depending on what you need.

    small make-up mirror

    Make-up mirror with touch! You click on the button and the mirror lights up. If you hold it in, you adjust the dimmable lighting.

    Make-up mirror with lamps

    Here is the makeup mirror I have the most experience with - Chloe Makeup mirror from You will find all their mirrors here.

    It is a large make-up mirror compared to the one with ring light, but is also available in an even larger variant that we use at the salon - Naomi Salongsspegel.

    The make-up mirror was a Christmas present from my mother on Christmas Eve 2012. Soon it will have worked flawlessly for a full 8 years!

    make-up mirror with lamps

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    So here's the Chloe mirror. I no longer use it myself but it's just because I want the camera behind the make - up mirror when I take pictures, it's a little too big for that.

    But it is still used every single day at the salon, Annika has it in her treatment room when she draws eyebrow shapes on clients before tattooing. I can not recommend it enough! :)

    Christmas gifts beauty

    Have only good things to say about this makeup mirror:

    • LED lights included
    • PERFECT make-up light even if it is carbon black in the room. You almost see for good;)
    • Dimmable
    • Can be hung on the wall or standing
    • Available in more sizes and colors. Also with artificial leather and different patterns.
    • The light bulbs last a long time even though they are lit all day at the salon. In 8 years I have changed lamps once. On the large ones in the salon that are from 2015, we have not changed lamps in a single time.

    The only thing that has broken in these 8 years is the plastic cover around the dimmer. So the screw button itself. But I have moved the makeup mirror I do not know how many times, so that it did not break completely is a miracle. It is still possible to screw, so the dimmer works as usual anyway.

    At the time of writing, it costs SEK 2,295 for the little one. The large ones we have at the salon cost SEK 5,400.

    But definitely an investment!

    large make-up mirror with lighting

    Here is the big makeup mirror Naomi at the salon :)

    Dressing table with drawers IKEA

    Everything else I used in my makeup corner comes from IKEA, simple as that :)

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    dressing table and makeup storage

    Dressing table with large drawer - It is called Malm dressing table. Is here. Dressing table and makeup storage in the same! Perfect size to wear your makeup mirror on.

    Make-up chair, or a desk chair with wheels, it really is. I'm actually really happy with this one! Very comfortable and I have also had such an office chair and sat all day without problems for several years. Recommend! Had bought again if I needed a new office chair :) Is here.

    I still use the dressing table and the dressing chair today, I have squeezed them in my little tiny house hehe.

    make-up place

    Here you also see the size of the largest make-up mirror a little clearer when I sit in front.

    Here are the links again, so you do not have to scroll up in the post:

    • Cheap makeup mirror with lighting / ring light, LINK (adlink)
    • Chloe makeup mirror with lamps, LINK
    • Naomi large makeup mirror with lamps, LINK
    • Dressing table from IKEA, LINK
    • Chair from IKEA, LINK

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    Hug hug!

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    Helena Amiley
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