Makeup party

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Last Saturday I headed for the capital (on Ekerö) to have a little make-up party!
In more detail, there were 6 girls who met before the pub, where they would celebrate Linnea who turned 20 years old! They ate food, drank drinks, talked shit and tagged while they stayed made up :)
Unfortunately, the flash is on Miska's system camera broken (and my little camera without battery) so unfortunately it was not great pictures.
Otherwise, I would have liked to have made a separate post for each make-up, but now you get a small one picture bomb from the evening instead :)
Ready to create magic…

Malin got one black sweeping and one green color click on the lower lash line!

Hanna got one light blue/ silvrig make-up, which shimmered and sparkled a lot!

The birthday child Linnea got a pretty dark brown make-up with elements of khahi green at the end of the eyelid!

Zelda got one dark brown /black sooting, which was white shimmery inside the eye and got darker on the outside!

Caroline got a slightly more neutral variant (which, however, looks quite dark in the picture due to the shadow) that was brown with a little touch of shimmery old pink!
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Full picture of Hanna.

Malin and Jennifer.
Jennifer got a semi-darkness lila make-up!

Linnea and Zelda got ready first and got to chill with their own glass while the rest were made up :)
But then the rest was also clear:

Ready to rock !!
But today it's my turn…;)
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