Makeup removal - 6 best tips, wash off waterproof makeup

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    Make-up remover or makeup remover? Here you get my best tips to facilitate your makeup removal, even waterproof makeup! :)

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    Make-up remover or makeup remover?

    Both are the same, one is just the English name. However, there are different variants, the biggest difference is whether you want an oil-based or oil-free makeup remover. But there are also mousses, gels, milky, biphasic, balms etc, etc!

    Best tips for makeup removal:

    Below you have my best tips when washing off make-up, also give tips on good make-up remover / make-up remover to facilitate make-up removal! :)

    1. Best the way to wash off waterproof makeup:

    When it comes to waterproof makeup, oil-based makeup removal is the most effective and suitable for everyone. Secure card! :)

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    I recommend an oil cleanser that is applied to dry skin, to dissolve all makeup before rinsing with water. Waterproof makeup is not washed off with water, but the water is only to rinse off the makeup you have already dissolved. A lot of water is also dehydrating for the skin, so an oil cleanser is good because you dissolve all makeup completely without water.

    1. Massage the oil into the skin, until both base make-up and eye make-up are dissolved
    2. Rinse with water

    Then all the makeup is gone! :)

    2. Double cleaning

    When you have washed off the make-up, I usually do the cleaning again. The first time is makeup removal, but then you need to clean the skin as well.

    3. Best makeup removal:

    There are many good oil cleansers! Pure jojoba oil also works well. Jojoba oil is a natural oil that is similar to the skin's own sebum / sebum = a good ingredient in skin care.

    waterproof makeup, makeup removal, wash off makeup, makeup remover,

    Nuxe Bio Organic Face & Body Cleansing Oil (adlink) is 100% natural and contains 81% organically certified ingredients. Dissolves make-up effectively and is then easy to rinse off, without leaving any oiliness on the skin!

    Maria Åkerberg Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil (adlink) is 100% cold pressed jojoba oil. I usually use it both to remove waterproof makeup and to lubricate the skin. Available in 100 ml or 30 ml.

    Nuxe Cleansing Oil is great and I like that it is organic!

    But Löwengrip Skin Robot Cleansing Oil (adlink) I think the snap is even better actually. Very effective for makeup removal! In addition, I like the scent of the much more, mild pineapple. So good!

    löwengrip review

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    4. Hair band to keep hair away when washing off make-up:

    The only thing you need to be careful with is to make sure you do not get oil in your hair :)

    A hair band is then preferable!

    waterproof makeup, makeup removal, wash off makeup, makeup remover,

    For example. Indy Beauty has one terry headband (adlink) with the text "Love Yourself" (not the one I have in the picture). Fine!

    5. Avoid cotton - for the sake of the environment

    For waterproof makeup, it is common to remove makeup for eye makeup in a bottle, which you then pour out on a cotton pad and wash off the makeup with it. It works great! But I try to avoid disposable items as much as I can and since it works just as well to lubricate the oil directly on the eyes without a cotton pad, I choose to do so instead.

    6. Make-up removal / cleansing for oily skin 

    Do you have oily skin? Then oil-based makeup removal is even better, as grease dissolves grease.

    Good, is not it? :)

    Hope the tips on makeup removal and waterproof makeup were helpful!

    I think it's important to have a quick make-up removal routine, it's so boring otherwise :)

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    Hugs are!

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