Makeup tips 40+ (7 most important tips)

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    Malin sa…
    Hi, you can not show or give makeup tips 40+, have heard that shimmery shadows strengthen wrinkles give me tips so yes can shop in the shop, preferably both an everyday and party make up. Sincerely, Malin has found your page: o must say you are super talented. ”

    You are right about the shimmer, it highlights irregularities such as wrinkles. But on an eye makeup, I do not necessarily think you have to skip shimmer if you think it's nice. In the corner of the eye and in the innermost part of the eyelid you usually have fewer wrinkles, then you can put your shimmery shadow there and use matte for the rest of the eyes.

    makeup tips 40+

    Here are my 7 most important makeup tips for 40+ women:

    Makeup tips #1. Light eye shadow.
    Many women who have reached old age want to avoid very dark eye shadows, because they no longer feel comfortable in it. In addition, it is more difficult to soothe a dark eye shadow nicely if the skin on the eyelid has become a little sagging and maybe even wrinkled.

    Use a light shadow on the eyelid, in the corner of the eye, along the lower lash line and under the eyebrow, so you do not need to apply a very dark shadow afterwards for it to provide contrast. You can even leave the globe line completely in its natural color, and with bright colors around it make it look like a discreet shading.

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    Makeup tips #2. Matte eye shadows
    Shimmery eye shadows can highlight fine lines and bumps. So be a little careful with that.

    Makeup tips #3. The basic make-up
    Using creamy products or powders is a matter of taste, there are pros and cons that depend a bit on the person themselves.

    Mineral powder is good because it is very light on the skin, and you do not need to put makeup on the entire face to get a natural result. If you just want to "spruce up" a little, it is good to apply a little mineral powder under the eyes, or where it is needed now. However, if you have very dry skin, it can be more difficult to get a powder to stick, and if you apply too much, it can easily look cakey in the wrinkles.

    Creamy or liquid products are good if you are dry, and it can then give a more natural result with more luster. Many people find it more comfortable, they are so used to still lubricating themselves with face creams. However, a liquid foundation can sink into the wrinkles during the day if it becomes too heavy, and then all the irregularities are emphasized more. In addition, it is difficult to get a natural result (I think) if you do not apply to the whole face, and not everyone needs coverage everywhere.

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    Makeup tips #4. Focus on the upper part of the eye.
    It is usually along the lower lash line and at the end of the eye that the wrinkles are most visible, if you also have a little sagging eyelids, it is a good idea to open the eye by not putting anything but light on the lower lash line, and then focus the details on the eyelid itself. . White eyeliner gives an even more open and lively look!

    Makeup tips #5. Highlight the globe line.
    By putting a little darker shadow in the globe line, and maybe even a little higher up than your real globe line is, you lift the whole eye and open up the gaze.

    Makeup tips #6. Avoid sharp edges.
    If the skin is a bit sagging and the wrinkles start to look forward, then it is very difficult and in some cases even impossible to get a straight line, for example when applying eyeliner. If you get a straight and sharp line, it may not look straight while moving. Instead, apply a proper lash mark to make the lashes look denser (see the post lash liner) and blur the edges to get a more smoky mark.

    Makeup tips #7. Do not shape the eyebrows after the eye.
    The outer edge of an eyebrow should not follow the shape of the eye, if you want a more lifting effect. Try to aim more upwards, so that the outer edge is in the same line as the upper edge of the ear

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    makeup tips 40+ before and after

    Throws in some previous pictures of Oili who had to wear a make-up model before :)

    Oili is 45+ (must admit I'm a little unsure of the exact number, but it's below 50 anyway)

    makeup 40+

    makeup older

    The matte eye shadows that are now available in the webshop are 252 palette where most are carpet (both colorful shadows and down to earth), nudh mineral in the shade Cacao Brown and gloMinerals eyeshadow Sable which is black.

    I also recommend Annika's Favorite Shadow in the corner of the eye, which is very shimmery, if you want something to "happen" in the make-up.

    Nudh minerals foundation is a mineral powder that gives a comprehensive but natural result, can recommend it as well as theirs concealer covering dark, and or concealer covering red if you have visible blood vessels or blisters.

    Nudh minerals rouger and sun powder is a bit shimmery, but not so much that it bothers me. Being fully matt is not always the nicest thing in my opinion either. But there is also two other blushes which is carpet! The highlighter from nudh mineral gives extra luster, you can skip it if you have very fine lines.

    When I did a makeup job the other day, most of them were 40+, and they loved nudh minerals lip gloss in the shade Red Bomb, so it ended up that everyone had just the one at the fashion show they were models for! :)

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    Hope the post with makeup tips 40+ was helpful, lots of info in a short time!

    Let me know if you have any questions. makeup tips 40+ or if there is any detail I have missed.

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. I would need tips on how to make eye shadow and lipstick stay put? My skin on the eyes is more oily or how to put it. Eyeshadow does not remain. On the lips, everything is sausage. It does not matter which brand I use. Not on the eyes either. Draft is a better word. And the only cream I can have on my face is BB creme from L´oreal and they are hard to get in the store often run out. Need tips in every way.

      • Hi Anette! Eyeshadow primer is the solution to your eye problem! Buy Pixi eye bright primer from, it is great! It makes the eye shadows attach better, and keeps the eyelids matte all day so that the make-up does not become an oily batter after a few hours. On the lips, maybe you should invest in a lip pencil or a matte lipstick if you want one that lasts better, gloMinerals Suede matte crayon are examples of lipsticks that fit crazy well :) What kind of base do you want? Pixi H2O Skintint sounds like a product that can suit you, it provides semi-coverage (more coverage than many bb creams but not full coverage) and it is gel-based and sinks into the skin quickly and is held in place. It works for both dry and oily skin, and is water resistant! Get in touch if you have more questions :) All products I have suggested are on Hug!

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