Make-up tips for red-flaming skin

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    Ann sa…
    “Great make-up! You're so good. :) Do you have any makeup tips for red-flamed skin? If you are very red in skin tone but want such a nice even tone that you have? I think the red kind of shines through no matter how I lay the foundation and trying to neutralize with green really does not work for me. :( Wants to be nicely pale (is red-haired) but is like pink red all the time. ”

    First of all, thank you for your kind words! I will be super happy for all the kind comments I get :) Also want to tip about these posts which are newer that I wrote about that reduce redness of the face with product tips and cover a scarlet pimple with redness relief powder.

    I have a bit of the same problem as you, I have many red areas on my face, and I also have such a sensitive skin that easily turns red during the day, such as if I blush, are stressed or happen to poke at it.

    What works best for me to cover red-flaming skin?

    What works best for me is a good green concealer and a opaque foundation, and I recommend nudh mineral if you like powder products, and Lumene's CC series if you like cream products!

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    products that cover red-flamed skin

    A green concealer can, as you say, be a little difficult to work with when you are not used to it. The most important thing is that it is good - it should be able to be applied so thinly that the result does not look green, but it should still be effective. And besides, it is easy to use too much which also does not give a good result.

    Apply the green concealer only on the reddest areas, not on the whole face, and apply as thin a layer as possible. The red can still shine through the concealer a little, you cover the last with your foundation.

    I want to make it clear once again that one is important Good  green concealer, I have tested so many bad ones and if there is one you have tested, I understand why you do not think the result is good. Applying something green to the skin without it looking green, goes without saying that it is not the simplest principle. In such cases, you could only take a green eye shadow.

    nudh mineral has a great green concealer ”covers red”, Which gives a perfect result even though you only take a tiny bit. It is in loose powder form and very easy to work with! If you prefer creamy products instead, I can recommend Lumenes is a CC-Concealer, it is beige with a light green undertone and is also good for red parties.

    Here you see before and after my make-up tips for red-flaming skin:

    green concealer covers pimples

    Cover a red pimple with nudh minerals green concealer.

    green concealer

    Covers my visible blood vessels around the nose with nudh minerals green concealer.

    Lumene CC concealer before & afterCovers a red pimple with Lumene CC-Concealer. (Answer yes, I managed to get a giant pimple right between the tits haha)

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    Having a covering foundation, even though you do not have a lot of pimples or blemishes, is good precisely so that you do not have to "overconsume" the green concealer. If you have the same problem as me, you do not always know which areas will be reddest during the day, and if you have a thinner foundation, the red shines through very easily, which makes you look very worn.

    And of course I also recommend nudh minerals foundation which is great for the concealer. And the same with Lumenes Concealer, if you use their entire CC series with cc concealer, cc cream and cc powder, you will also get a very good result.

    I think that nudh mineral gives a slightly more natural result, but still good coverage :) I can show a review I received on the webshop on the non-green concealer. nudh mineral has a concealer that is beige and covers dark, and a green that covers red. They are very similar, by the way, except that they are for different areas of the face. So I absolutely think that this review can also reflect the green concealer :)

    review nudh mineral concealer


    In addition, it is important that you have the right shade on your foundation, every time I have tested a new foundation and happened to get a little wrong shade, my red areas really want to shine through. I do not know why it really happens, but I speak from experience.

    Hope the post about make-up tips for red-flaming skin was helpful, feel free to comment if you have any questions or concerns. :)


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