Make-up tips when fading the eye shadow

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    I had a little conversation in the comments field with a reader, which made me think of a makeup tip that I forgot to tell you. It is a super simple tip that helps to get softer edges when toning out the eye shadow!

    Readers - How do you save an eyeshadow that has been faded far too much or unevenly? How do you save the edges without ruining the basic make-up? ”

    I - Tops! Tops are super good for this, but use it a bit like a make-up brush, so you should not be harsh and "pull away" the eye shadow because then the basic make-up will follow as well, but smudge gently on the edges just like when you fade out the eye shadow. The difference between a top and a makeup brush is that the eye shadow sticks completely to the top while a makeup brush spreads it out :)

    Readers - Oh .. Tested tops but did not think it worked! The eye shadow sat where it sat! Maybe one was too good a primer during ..

    And that was the last sentence "Maybe one was too good a primer during .. ” which made me think of this tip. Because a primer makes the eye shadows adhere super well, and that is a positive thing, but it can be difficult to get a soft fade if you have a good primer, because then the shadow adheres a little for good where you want less coverage. And then it is also difficult to save the uneven edges with a top.

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    What I usually do is apply powder (or an eye shadow that is similar to the skin color) just above the makeup before I start applying the eye shadows. In other words:
    Apply primer on the entire eyelid and up to the eyebrow.
    2. Apply the shadow / powder on the brow bone and down to the crease line or where your fade will be, but not down on the eyelid where you will do the actual make-up.
    Then you can start putting on make-up as usual.

    Then it will be easier to get a nice fade, because in the transition between shadow and skin color it will not be as moist of the primer!


    I then use such a soft globe line brush (from this brush set) it is also good since when you want to get a soft and nice fading on the eye shadow, then you can fade out with this.

    Hope you understood what I mean and that the tip was helpful! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Good tips! I do about the same, but with my brow highlight instead. I apply my highlighter on the brow bone first and tone it down and then I shade a light brown eye shadow in the crease line which I shade together with the edge of the highlighter. Then it is easy to just apply eye shadow over the entire lid and the light brown shadow gives you smooth transitions when you shade and fade out :)

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