Makeup trends in the spring of 2020

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    Like every season, some make-up trends are recurring and some are new / changed!

    I also usually divide make-up trends into two different types, 1. The ones you see in the media / catwalks etc. and 2. what become make-up trends "for real" and are used by private individuals.

    In this post, I have focused mostly on the details that I actually see in reality and not just in the media! :)

    1. Natural skin with fresh glow

    Makeup trends natural skin

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    As little coverage as possible is what the majority of our customers want right now! A little extra coverage in some areas only, such as acne, rings under the eyes etc.

    Preferably with a nice glow as well, either subtly all over the face or in selected areas with a highlighter.

    As the example in this picture. There is a big difference on the skin as a whole: pimples are enchanted and the redness is minimized, but my natural skin still shines through and the skin has a nice glow!

    Makeup trends product

    How do you get that skin? The smartest thing is Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal which is a day cream, SPF 20 and a concealer in the same product!

    So you get all these qualities at once. A light coverage all over the face, full coverage on selected areas (eg concealer on pimples) as well as caring ingredients and a skin with a nice glow.

    2. Red lips

    Makeup trends red lips

    Makeup trends no.2 are red lips! Both gloomier burgundy tones and burgundy shades, or a more classic cherry red.

    I have been pushing for red lips ever since I started blogging about makeup, it is so nice and does so much for the whole look! But so many red tones we have sold now only in the last six months, in fact we have probably never sold :)

    matte red lipstick

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    The best seller is without a doubt Glo Skin Beauty Suede Matte Crayon in the shade Bombshell. It is super nice in tone, completely matte (but comfortable) and fits super well! Because that's what you want mainly with red lips - avoid getting better on the make-up drop in the quarter;)

    3. Eyelashes!

    Makeup trends eyelashes

    It has long been a make-up trend with maximized lashes, rocking eyelash extensions that you have to keep in when it blows and maxed out volume mascaras.

    Now the trend is starting to get a little more subtle, still a lot of focus on the lashes, but more length and separation is required rather than a lot of volume. Besides, it has not escaped anyone how poppis lash lift has become?

    We have been performing lash lifts at the salon for any number of years (when they still said eyelash permanent) but it exploded in 2018 and is only increasing and increasing. Now you hardly see lash extensions anymore as so many people have discovered the benefits of lash lift and preserving their natural lashes instead.

    lashlift and lash serum Makeup trends

    There are several ways to get separated, long and beautiful lashes:

    1. Lash lift and / or lash color. Book an appointment online here!
    2. Magnetic lash mascara - good alone or + the fibers that you get with the purchase!
    3. And / or eyelash serum that makes them grow!

    We have taken in the eyelash room Long4Lashes FX5 which is the first product that my colleagues tested before me (I'm working on it now and I notice a difference already but it's not time for before and after pictures yet). Olga who comes from Poland has used it for a long time as it is very large in Poland, she tipped her colleagues who also ordered one and now we have it in our Swedish range as everyone loves it! Really efficient and at a good price :)

    4. Glitter!

    glitter eye shadow

    I have never seen so many used glitter, not only for parties but also for everyday!

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    That's what's so fun about glitter - you can do a light and discreet make-up but which still livens up and gives the eyes lots of focus thanks to glitter details!

    liquid glitter

    Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights are extra easy to apply as it is a liquid glitter that dries instantly and feels comfortable around the eyes. Easy to dab on the whole eye (with or without eye shadow before). Or just a dab in the corner of the eye, like a glitter eyeliner or why not on the eyebrows? :) Available in several colors!

    Mood Wood Natural Glitter is also easy to apply but requires a fastening liquid, we use Kryolan Cake Liner Sealer which works gallantly! click here for step by step. What is wonderful about these is that they are made of cellulose from wood and are biodegradable in nature!  No plastic particles in nature!

    5. Natural eyebrows

    Makeup trends natural eyebrows

    Yes, less is more is one of the bigger makeup trends, now not only skin and eyelashes but also eyebrows apply.

    It was not long ago that you were overwhelmed with comprehensive foundations, extreme contouring (when you were completely striped before it was evened out) and so-called "insta brows" with completely sharp edges and blurred ombre in the inner part.

    It did not take long before a little less filled eyebrows became more trendy and now at the beginning of the year the trend took the step further and became even more fluffy and natural with the brow lift trend!

    Ideally, the straws should be highlighted along the entire edge and preferably combed up as much as possible to bring out the "straw technique" and a slightly more fluffy appearance. A nice filled-in shape anyway, but not so much that you make up the straws.

    brow lift, narrow brow pencil, bryngel

    1. Brow lift Book an appointment online here!
    2. glo Skin Beauty Micro Brow Liner - A narrow pen that gives precision and yet a natural result.
    3. Bryngel! glo Skin Beauty Brow Gel. A pair of well-groomed brows best friend! :)

    Have you also seen an increase in these makeup trends? Are there any of them you hooked on yourself?

    Hugs are! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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