Makiash Nail Polish Remover

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    Sometimes I get the question if I do not think it feels strange to write about brands other than the ones I sell myself, for example recommend a lipstick from another brand when I myself have so many in my webshop.

    But no, I do not think so at all! Have barely reflected on it, because it feels so obvious to me to write about other brands as well. Partly because I think it's fun to review something else, and the blog might feel a little boring if it was only my own products I wrote about, but also for the sake of the readers! Of course you want to read about all products and brands on the whole market :)

    BUT there is a product, a product that I like so much that I almost get annoyed that I do not sell it myself, because I am so very happy with it and would love to see it on the shelves here in the store haha. A product that I blogged about before but that is really worth mentioning again - and it is Makiash Nail Polish Remover!


    Sorry the jar does not look brand new and fresh, I have been using this for 8 months now and it has been used a LOT during that time :)

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    The package is a jar with a sponge inside it, which you have to put your finger in and thus remove the nail polish directly in the jar. You do not need to smear with cotton at all, you just put your finger down, rub the nail against the sponge, and then it's done. Lid on, no mess!

    I like it because:
    ♥ The remover is super efficient and the nail polish disappears in a second
    ♥ You do not have to mess with cotton
    ♥ You avoid stinky cotton in the trash
    ♥ You can remove nail polish anywhere as quickly as you like, you do not need more than this product and you do not need to wash your hands afterwards. You just remove the nail polish and close the lid, then you are done
    ♥ The nails do not feel dry afterwards
    ♥ It lasts super long
    ♥ Acetone free
    ♥ Contains 75 ml

    It smells quite strong, I'm otherwise used to Paese's remover which smells quite good, but it is not a persistent strong smell like when you use the classic Gripen products that kind of plague the whole room haha. So it's still okay :)

    And the most common question when I show this to people (it has been borrowed by both friends and models on recordings, I recommend it to everyone) is "does it not get full of nail polish?”Because you can believe it. You know how sticky the cotton pads are after just a few nails. But I have been using it for eight months now and there are lots of nail polish in it, and it still works as perfectly as the first time :)

    Assume that the nail polish dissolves so much of the remover that in the end it is only a part of the liquid, and that all the color gets stuck in the sponge, or reached. Because it's totally safe a whole nail polish bottle in there soon haha, but you are never sticky about your fingers when you take them out of the jar.


    You probably see a little color in there when you look for :) But as I said, nothing that discolors the slightest bit on the fingers or nails.

    Two BIG thumbs up in other words! The jar costs SEK 130, and if you are nail polish nerds like me, it's worth every penny!

    Hugs are :) ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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