Makiash Perfection Eyeliner

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    Makiash is a fairly new Swedish make-up brand that I have just started testing, and now I thought I would show you their liquid eyeliner - Perfection Eyeliner Jet Black!


    The eyeliner is like a felt-tip pen and the tip is long and really thin at the top.

    My first impression of this was really good, it is super easy to apply, paints carbon black and sharp lines, dries quickly and lasts well all day!

    The eyeliner is water-resistant and rubb-proof (ie does not withstand water and rubbing at the same time) and is easy to wash off.

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    The only thing I think is a shame, but which is a common problem with such long eyeliner tips, is that after a few uses, the color does not "manage" to reach only the top, which makes the super-thin tip a little unnecessary as you still have to tilt the pen a little and paint with the page.

    I will definitely continue to use it anyway because it still gives a super nice eyeliner, but it's a shame that the tip is a problem on an otherwise pretty perfect product :)


    Costs SEK 170 and is available for purchase!

    Hug hug :)

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