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    Emmelie sa…
    “Would also like to see a video on when you apply eyeliner! I have tried so many times, but never manage to get a nice result! And the wing does not get a nice end either, it does not get so pointed and nice :) I simply look like a clown: P Which brand do you think is best when it comes to eyeliners? :) Is there something I really want to learn when it comes to makeup, it is to be able to apply a nice eyeliner! :-) ”

    It's a bit awkward for me to make videos and get good light, so unfortunately there will be no such video for a while.

    But I can publish a photo tutorial I showed earlier in the blog which is very clear! I have also made it even clearer with text directly on the pictures :)

    I think the best thing is to use a cake eyeliner (works much like a watercolor) and use a narrow eyeliner brush. My eyeliner comes from Kryolan and I use an Eyeliner brush from one of my makeup brush sets on, but I think Make Up Store has good ones too!

    paint eyeliner with wing

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    The most important thing is to practice, practice, practice! Paint an eyeliner with a wing every time before you wash off the make-up just for the sake of training (though harder with mascara on) and you will see that you become more and more skilled. I was really bad at it before too!

    And if you have a lot of creases on your eyelids, you have to adjust the lines according to them instead of the slope on the lower lash line, so that there is no crease that "breaks off" the wing.

    Hope the post was helpful :)

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