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    Yesterday I made up Oili again, she would not do anything special but just posed as a model for the blog :)

    You who follow me at Modern Mom have probably seen the before and after pictures of the basic make-up that I put with nudh mineral? The rest of you can read it here!


    This particular make-up I did to show a detail that many say is "big no no" for older women, and I wanted to illustrate why it is not always recommended but also that it is actually nice anyway!

    What I am talking about is to mark the lower lash line, because people who have had slightly sagging eyes with age are often advised to focus on the dark above the eye because it gives the eye a "lift". If you darken underneath, you pull the eye down a little, and make it look even more sad and sagging.

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    All "rules" can be difficult to absorb and understand without seeing it in practice, and not everyone has to be followed either. Therefore, I want to show this make-up now so that you can decide for yourself whether you want to highlight under the eye or not.

    My personal taste thinks that you can definitely do it, but if you have very droopy eyes, you should not forget the upper lash line as well to get more balance :)

    Very simple make-up with color, sharp eyeliner and shimmery shadows. All details that most often not "older" use, the most common are soft, matte make-up in natural shades.

    I think you have to dare a little more even when you have reached the age a little! It will of course be harder to put on make-up, and you may not feel good in everything you had before, but what you feel good in you should never stop :)

    The green eye shadow is from nudh mineral, the shade Silk green.
    Under the eye I have put the shade Cyclamen Bronze, also from nudh mineral.

    She looks a bit sour in the afterimage hehe, it does not depend on the make-up because she still had not seen herself in the mirror;)

    As you can see (?), The dark lower lash line pulls down the eye a little more, but at the same time the eyes look much bigger.

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    Many people would probably feel a little over-made up if you, like Oili, never put on make-up otherwise, but I want to show the effect of the make-up and then you have to decide for yourself which details you like or do not like at all.

    But I can say that I love the green shade on her, super nice color right! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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