Match makeup and nails on New Year's

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    That the nails and make-up should fit together is perhaps not something you usually put energy into every day.

    But before New Year's Eve when you often think about a little more, and often also wear all black, it's great fun to match! It is very often you have your hands close to your face if you think about it, like straightening a strand of hair or holding your hand over your mouth when you laugh while eating hehe.

    You can match in color, red lips-red nails for example. But a slightly more fun detail is to use the same glitter on the eye makeup as for the nails!

    Attach glitter with Make Up Store Mixing Liquid somewhere on your make-up, and when you then paint the nails, sprinkle a little glitter on the tops and it will look shitty.

    In addition, you do not have to think about which colors you feel best in both the face and on the hands. You may want red nails but not red lips, then add gold glitter to both the nails and the make-up!

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    New Year's make-up and New Year's nails


    Here is an example of this! The nail polish is from Rituals.

    The entire make-up insert is on :)

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