Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless (Test & Review)

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    I have been a bit bad at reviewing products lately, which has only been due to lack of time. Do not want to carelessly test things just to get posts, and then it has not gotten rid of at all instead. But now we have new staff on site and I am not the only makeup artist at the salon as I have been lately, so now I can finally become a diligent product reviewer again! :)

    Today I was going to show you a new foundation I got a press sample of this week, a foundation that should appeal to me completely if you listen to the product description. It is mattifying for oily skin and absorbs shine, gives a matte finish, is oil-free, fills in visible pores, and gives a natural result with normal coverage.

    By the way, normal coverage is a word choice you do not hear so often, what is normal coverage? :) Moderate?

    The foundation I'm talking about is Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless which looks like this:


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    This is how I like this foundation:

    ♥ Flexible packaging in a soft tube, so that you can easily get out that foundation cream when it starts I run out.
    ♥ Fills in the pores very well, I have tried to apply it with both brush and fingers, and prefer the fingers the most. It is very effective against visible pores.
    ♥ It covers well despite very, very thin layers. I dab a little concealer on my pimples but otherwise it covers really well.
    ♥ Very good formula, a little goes a long way.
    ♥ The skin is actually kept matte longer! I have tested it completely without face primer and powder, and am not dull all day but much longer than normal foundation.
    ♥ Recommended retail price is SEK 129, so it is very affordable.

    X It's probably not a good choice for you with dry skin, I'm not dry but still I can see some small flakes in some places that I did not know I had.
    X I do not know how they have succeeded so badly with their shades, I am quite pale right now but have never had the problem that the lightest shade is too dark for me. But even the lightest shade 105 is too dark and crazy too yellow for me. In addition, it is only available in 6 shades, which is crazy too little for a foundation that is so opaque as this that it does not adapt at all to its own skin tone.
    X A matte base is really nice, I think, but this one becomes matte in a fairly flat way, a bit like having a mask on your face.


    Summary - I will not use this again, if I do not feel like putting it to the test even more this summer when I got more color and can test the darker shades, but right now it is impossible as there is no shade for me. But I think it became both stylish and durable, used quite a lot of Makeup Fixing Mist and then the flat mask feeling also disappeared :)

    So, I do not think there are very many of you that this one suits, but for those of you who find one in the right skin tone, are not dry at all and who like a completely matte base, you will probably like this very much!


    Here you see before and after! Wrong shade and would need a little concealer in some areas, but otherwise it is very nice I think, I have used an incredibly thin layer here and massaged in the cream with my fingers.

    Any of you who have tested Maybelline Fix Me Matte & Poreless? What did you think? :)


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    Helena Amiley
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