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    Now there are even more Sanctum products on, three of my favorites in fact that I have longed to show you! :)

    It is a face mask, one night cream and one punk treatment cream for blemishes. All products are absolutely divine! Especially the point cream On The Spot as you apply directly to pimples to calm them down and make them heal faster, it is a real savior in need of my stress fins that I have right now! Miska also usually uses it and thinks it is great.

    I will write more individual reviews about the products soon, but have a look at and there is already a lot of info in the product descriptions. And then you can look at my previous post about which products I use for my skin type and what results I have received here! : )

    The prices may be a bit high, many of you probably think, but the products contain 100% natural ingredients and a very high percentage of the content is organically certified. The face mask e.g. contains 98% organically certified ingredients. The packaging is also environmentally friendly and degradable in nature within 5 years. The pure conscience you get when you know that what you flush down the drain daily does not do any harm to nature at all, it is really worth the money!

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    In addition, the products are extremely expensive and last super long, so considering that, the products are actually not particularly expensive, although it will be a lot of money at once.

    And for every product sold, Sanctum plants a tree, you! :)

    I have clear categories in the webshop so that you can easily find what you are looking for. Cleansing, face cream and toner are what I recommend that you prioritize, and then it is a big plus if you supplement with peeling and face mask as well! 

    Soon there will be eye creams and a little something else as well, there are delays in my delivery that is why it takes some time.

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
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