Mermaid Nails

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    Last Monday I was at Christina's Nails Uppsala again and made new nails!

    She had to struggle a lot with my worn neon nails that I did on March 31 (it's a long time for salon nails). They were worn, dirty (haha she panicked when I told her I do not own a nail brush, and I had worked outdoors on filming just before so they were not so nice) and also the gel was quite soft she said which may be due to Depends Gel polish or because I used bad nail polish remover when I reviewed review nail polish.

    In addition, I have also neglected to lubricate the cuticles, ooops!

    But now they are great again! First of all, I made the shape square as I have had before, I like it best! Now at the beginning of the summer there were nails that sparkle and shimmer nicely in the sun, thanks to both the shimmer in the nail polish but also a little bling bling :) And at the end of June when I have the next time, there will probably be some color that highlights the tan !

    I'm really super happy! Thinks a little mermaid when I see them, like pimped fins :)

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    What do you think? : D

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    Helena Amiley
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