My decade in New Year's makeup!

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    Yesterday I put on a New Year's make-up from every year throughout the 10s and there were several who thought it was fun to see my development, so I publish them here in the blog as well! :)

    I have been blogging makeup since the summer of 2010 so this summer it is 10 years ago!

    These brows !!! If I could become a good makeup artist, anyone can become one, we can agree on that anyway :)

    • Went the first year of high school
    • Be new to Miska
    • Bought a liquid eyeliner for the first time and remember that Miska said that my makeup pictures looked so good after that haha, honey!

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    The eyebrows are narrow and razor sharp but at least smooth, wihoo! :)

    • I had found Make Up Store Mixing Liquid and went off on glitter!
    • Sold feather extensions in my UF company - feathers that were attached with micro rings in the hair! Cool anyway, as if today I did not want to have real feathers in my hair from unknown origins.

    Had not really gotten to the technique of fading out dark eye shadows yet;)

    • Graduated!
    • Home bleached hair from brunette
    • Worked at a lunch restaurant at Länsförsäkringar

    Had such a curling iron that sucks in the hair like spaghetti! Here I completely bleached the growth at the hairdresser every other month.

    • Started my first web shop called Bought finished products that you could order with your own logo on.
    • Blogged about beauty on Laila Bagge and Pernilla Wahlgren's joint blog and then also a period on Zara Larsson's blog!
    • Lived in Miska's small apartment, one studio, worked at the kitchen table.

    Here, the quality increased enormously both on makeup, photo and hair! :)

    • Made my webshop to and tried to sell clothes, bags and shoes for a short period before I realized how damn it was with all returns due to sizes etc.
    • I quit and worked full time at home with my web shop and blog.
    • Invested in photo flashes!
    • Was nominated for Beauty Blog of the Year in the Blog Awards! Great after all !!

    Found the cut crease trend;) and dyed her hair red and pink!

    • Worked extra at Creative Makeup the first half of the year
    • Combined me with Creative Makeup the second half of the year!
    • Me, Miska and Annika now became co-owners and had a total of 3 employees :)

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    After 2015, there have been no drastic changes in makeup development :)

    • We dreamed so much that we really thought about buying a conference facility for 45 million hahaha.
    • We went business development and worked a lot with communication, routines and structure.
    • My beloved mother passed away and I felt shit all summer and tore my gray hair with estate records and bickering all fall.
    • We moved into my childhood home and suddenly became a homeowner!

    Became turquoise-haired! Hence the washed out green tones in the tassel;)

    • Thanks to the company development, our turnover increased enormously in 2017 !!
    • I started doing consulting jobs for Disruptive Materials and Upsalite.
    • We renovated a lot at home and Miska built a shitty sauna!

    Remember 2018 as a year with a lot of inner stress…

    • We have never been so fully booked as spring 2018!
    • We canceled our salon without finding a new one
    • My throat infections and fever peaks started in March
    • I was going to start my own make-up brand (different from the one I am doing now) but it did not work in practice .. I had had that concept as a dream for several years and felt that the dream crashed.
    • We decided to move back to our small salon room (which we still owned) and needed to get rid of basically everything in the salon.
    • Miska and I moved home to Annika's guesthouse.

    • Opened our new salon
    • Annika had a baby and Miska and I attended the birth and became bonus parents!
    • I got the "offer" to start another make-up brand that I checked the possibilities for in 2018 but which was not relevant then - but as now it is woop woop!
    • Had a calmer year and took care of myself after my hard 2018 and felt at the end of 2019 that I got my energy back!

    Think about 10 more years when 36-year-old Helena talks about the "2020 time" haha. Then I will say "Do you remember that little guesthouse we lived in then ?! And none of our other companies we had started then! What if we knew everything that would happen later!” ;)

    Wondering if I will then mock what I look like now 2019 haha.

    Hope you all got a really nice start to 2020! ♥ I still feel just as pissed off for the happy 20s! :) Hugs on are !!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Happy New Year!
      Fun to see some flashbacks!
      Do I think I've been following you since '11? You were still in school then. So it's quite a long time! You have come a long way, be proud of yourself! Good luck with the future!

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