Mild makeup remover

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    Yves Rochers Express Eye Makeup Remover is one of my favorites when it comes to makeup removal for the eyes, and therefore it was extra interesting to try Yves Rocher's second remover ”Gentle Eye Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes”Which is for sensitive eyes.

    This is how it is described on Yves Rocher's website:
    “A really gentle cleanser that removes all traces of makeup. With organically grown cornflower that soothes and refreshes the skin. Perfect for you with sensitive eyes or contact lenses. ”

    In short, I can say that this is absolutely not bad, I have almost used up my now so it is a proof that it is good to use. But I do not know if I can recommend it either, because I would much, much rather buy their two-phase remover in front of this one!

    The big difference between these removers is that Express Eye Makeup Remover (the one I like) is two-phase, contains oil and also removes waterproof makeup. I have tipped you about it before as I really like it! The one I have tested now does not contain oil and is not for waterproof makeup, but should be more gentle on the eyes. It is also cheaper.


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    I have quite sensitive eyes and at that point I thought this was worse actually which feels a bit strange as it should be the opposite. If you get a little remover in the eyes, it hurts quite a lot, which I do not experience at all with the two-phase! But you can have sensitive eyes in different ways, it is e.g. the oily formula you can not stand, this is better. So whether this is perceived as mild or not is quite individual I think!

    Then this is not as effective as the other either, which is especially noticeable on some mascaras that can be tricky to get rid of. But on most mascaras and eye make-up, it works well, but it is not as quick to get rid of as with the two-phase, and in addition, as I said, it does not remove waterproof products.

    As I wrote at the beginning of the post, I personally choose other removers over this one. But it can be difficult to find removers without oil that are still effective, and among these, this still ends up quite high on the list, especially considering the cheap price - it currently costs only SEK 49 on

    So I say neither bu nor bä, but I personally would not get a new one :)

    Any of you who tested? What did you think?

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