My beloved makeup mirror with lamps

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    I often get questions about my make-up mirror with lamps, so I thought I would write a little more carefully about it! :)

    Chloe & Naomi makeup mirror with lighting

    Chloe is the standard size and Naomi is big. Enter into to see the entire range. They are available in several colors, patterns and sizes. Even artificial leather!

    The lamps give a superb light without shadows! The very best thing is to turn off all the lights around the room.

    make-up mirror with lamps

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    The importance of putting on make-up in good light

    Everyone has probably been involved in putting on make-up in one candle, then looking in a mirror in another candle .. Then you see flaws in the make-up that you did not see at all before! This is avoided if you put on make-up in a light without shadows.

    I do not realize how much of a difference it makes until you sleep elsewhere and have to put on make-up, e.g. in a hotel bathroom. It is also difficult for me as a makeup artist to put on make-up then.

    In addition, this make-up mirror with lamps is optimal if you are going to take photos, I as a make-up blogger always get equally beautiful make-up pictures, love !!

    Or if you just want a nice profile picture for Facebook;)

    make-up place

    Here is a larger makeup mirror with lamps - Naomi salon mirror. It is flashes that shine in the picture, not lamps, you do not need other lamps than those on the mirror.

    The lamps also have dimmers, so you can regulate how bright you want it. Super good I think! If you are tired in the morning and turn on the lights at full speed, you will be almost blind. But after 1 minute, I always have the highest illumination.

    Large makeup mirror & Small makeup mirror

    Here is the standard size Chloe:

    make-up mirror with lamps

    Here is the large salon mirror Naomi:

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    large makeup mirror

    You can choose whether you want the mirror standing or hanging on the wall.

    Definitely worth the money if you like makeup / beauty. If I had not received this make-up mirror as a Christmas present, I would have bought it myself :)

    Cheap makeup mirror

    I also have this (adlink) makeup mirror with lighting from Brow Game.

    Recommended if you want a cheaper make-up mirror and / or a make-up mirror that takes up little space.

    make-up mirror with lighting

    The make-up mirror with lamps from costs between SEK 2,300-5,400 depending on size, etc. But the smaller one from Brow Game costs SEK 695, so it is a better alternative if you are not in need of a professional mirror.

    It's not quite as effective, but enough to remove shadows! :) Perfect for a small make-up area or if you want to be able to pick it back and forth without problems.

    Available for purchase here (adlink)

    Just shout out if you have any questions!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. For me, it is important to have a really good light and light temperature… not too hot as many others have, you want a normal light that is as similar to daylight as possible.
      I bought my makeup mirror at:
      My make-up mirror has 3 different positions for light temperature (cold, HD daylight and warm) and dimmer function. I usually run on HD daylight and almost maximum brightness, but sometimes put it in hot mode to get a cozy atmosphere in the room :)
      I have the one called REVOLT Makeup Mirror Hollywood LED with bluetooth speaker and love it!

    2. Hi, I got an exactly the same mirror about 3 days ago, and then you got lights to put on. But already after 2 days a lamp broke or yes it stopped working, and a while ago the same thing happened with 3 other lamps. so just wondering if it has happened to you or if something has gone wrong with my hahah. And in case they happened what you did about it.
      Good blog by the way :)

      • Hey! We have large mirrors like this in the salon as well, and then it was actually a lamp that stopped working (not the light bulb itself but the hole) but I emailed and they replied that it is easy to unscrew the back and attach the cord as loosened behind, which we did and it was very simple and went in a few minutes just :) Hugs!

    3. Just have to say that this post is worth its weight in gold! Have also considered buying this make-up mirror but have just like another of those who commented heard that the dimmer breaks easily. Now that I've seen your post, I feel completely confident that I should order, because you have not discovered any new problem, have you? Hug

    4. Hey!
      I regret that I comment late, but is it not the case that you get lamps when you buy them
      On the website? :)
      Nice blog! : D

    5. Hello
      Found this post when I googled about :-) Perfect that I found it when I thought to order the mirror you have, my question is which watt LED lights you bought until it is on?

      • Hey! How fun! I actually do not remember, and I have thrown away the boxes and it does not say on the lamp itself either. But I know that will start selling LED lamps as well, but it does not look like they have started with it yet. But they are usually quick to respond to emails, so try emails and ask? :)

    6. Hello!! :) Read your blog and found this post, am so eager to order this mirror and have seen one on youtube who has had problems with his mirror and had to send back three times because the dimmer has stopped working. Had hoped you could answer if you had any problems? :) Would have been very grateful to know as I am a little unsure if I should order, is still some money! :)


    7. Hello beautiful you !!
      Know this is an older post but hope you reply !!
      PLEASE, can you say what this wonderful makeup mirror is called exactly?
      I can not find it :(!
      I pray to the gods that it remains.
      I'm not a professional electric blog make-up artist but it is SO nice :)!
      Would MKT MKT grateful for answers !!!!
      Have a top name summer
      Hug Sasha

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