My business week

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    This week has been productive and good, the only thing that has swayed a bit is that I have not had time to make as many blog posts as I usually do. There have been more early mornings and late evenings than usual, which has meant less time in the photo studio because I have it at home.

    But now I'm going to talk about what I am done, and not focus on what I am not has made! :) And then I get to improve on the blog front next week simply!

    Makeup job at Disruptive Materials
    The company Disruptive Materials, which works with the material Upsalite (which I wrote a lot about before), will update the pictures of their staff on the website and when it was time for photography, they called me in as a backup!

    There were 14 people who were made up and I finished all make-up with upsalite powder, partly to reduce glitter in the picture of course but also because it is a fun thing that everyone was made up with the material they work with :)

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    Here is Mattias who is the CEO of Disruptive Materials. He got a little smoother skin, sharper cheekbones and also a little extra fullness in the eyebrows.

    He said before I left "it almost feels like it's a celebrity here today, because I've been sitting with your movies so much!" Lol. So the movies I made for the material I blogged about in this business week post :)

    I posted this picture on Insta Story and got a pretty quick comment from Petra who founded Pixi by Petra who liked all the Pixi products in the picture haha. As you can see, the contouring palette in the picture is very well used!

    They took the opportunity to celebrate their success while everyone was gathered for photography, fun! Here is a part of the gang that sits and cuddles together.

    The most fun thing about this job was getting some time to talk to everyone in the whole company! I have been to their office many times but do not have time to talk to everyone because they are busy with work. Now it feels like I know everyone a little :)

    Our barber Niclas starts November 8th!
    Niclas has now opened his schedule for beard treatments, shaving and cutting, woop, woop! You can read more and book an appointment here :)

    This week he was here and settled into the new barber corner! Picked up product news, among other things, we have a lot of new for sale but it is very fixed with utility products, machine, razor blade, towels, some blue liquid that the tools should be in after each customer, etc.

    This feels really good! He will be at the salon every Thursday and it starts to fill up with bookings and already because he was only here at the salon, he got a drop-in customer who he did beard trim and edging :) So fun!

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    Here he stands and arranges in one product shelf :)

    Product news and image fix
    Very, very soon we will publish news in the webshop! Partly all beard products but both Pixi and gloMinerals (or glo Skin Beauty as the brand is now called) come with news that we put to the test all fall :)

    This is an element I love the most, new products, love!

    I have photographed the products for make-up, swatch pictures and blog posts and it is a lot of work to put everything in the checkout, price tags, reorganization on shelves, put in the webshop, product pictures, etc. All the latter stuff I have luckily been staff who help, otherwise I probably would not have had time for anything else.

    One thing I have been working on a lot is product images for the webshop. I am very careful with the shades and will work on taking more good swatch pictures as well so that it will be even easier to see. But that the first product images match is the least you can ask for, but on gloMinerals news there were many shades that did not match at all with how they look in reality, I think and it does not hold.

    So I have sat and edited it in photoshop and now I am very happy! :)

    Here are the 6 shades we will have in the range! Loves all! There are new packaging and updated shades but some have been there before, Pink Blossom has been our best seller in the store before and Beloved was my favorite lip gloss 5-6 years ago, although then it was in their tube lip gloss Liquid Lips. I had it with me as a reference when I actually tattooed my lips :)

    The lip gloss click behind each lip gloss I have fixed myself in photoshop as well, I think it turned out very nice!

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    It is a lot of work with this kind of thing, but I also think it is very important, and as I said, I will work more and more on the pictures in the webshop in the future.

    Here is the front page picture, I chose Pink Blossom as the front page :) Will blog more about these next week!

    The week has been quite mixed in other words, I am a little behind in both blogging + everything that should be done before 1 Nov so on Monday and Tuesday it is hard work that counts! I have set a deadline for all news to be published then, all November campaigns must be ready and on the 1st we have the autumn event and it is a bit of a last minute fix that must be done before that as well.

    With everything is fun stuff so it's nemas problemas! :)

    Throws in a small picture of what I look like at the time of writing too haha. My cat Madde in my arms in front of the fire and musk clothes and rag socks on :) Cozy blogs!

    Now I'll bake some gingerbread with the kids, then clean the house because we ground all day yesterday! Got a request for an update on how things are going with our renovation, so maybe thought of taking a photo for such a post as well :)

    Wish you a wonderful Sunday! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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