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And so it begins - the new year with a new way of working, a new way of living and a little new way of thinking as well. Here we go :)

Premiere for the new salon!
It feels so strange to say nya the salon, for me it is the old salon because that was where I started working with Annika 4 years ago now :) Anyway, we opened the doors to our new old salon this Wednesday!

What a hell of a mess it was before we got everything in place! Furniture, drawers and sacks with gadgets. It felt almost hopeless there for a while :)

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We took the last customers in the old premises on New Year's Eve so it was only on New Year's Day that we could move "for real" and then Miska and I drove from early morning to late evening to get the last thing in place. Pjuh!

So nice when we could finally put up this note and change all customers' booking text messages to "WE HAVE MOVED" :)

Very good not to move so far, if any customer goes to the wrong place, it is just further down the same street. Google says 2 minutes, but it takes about 30 seconds if you do not get caught in a red light.

Kl. 08.00 on the 2nd of January we finally opened and even though there was still a lot of work left, we had come far enough to be able to take customers :) Here I am, picking up eye shadows for sale.

I will take pictures of what the salon looks like and show you, but I want to get a little more stuff in place first. The walls are completely impossible to screw in (although we have a percussion drill) so we have to borrow a real worsting drill from a carpenter to get the last one up. So there are a lot now that are different types of emergency solutions :) More fun to show pictures when everything is ready!

One of the things that has not been finished yet is to put up a logo and stuff in our shop windows. All other companies also have holidays over Christmas so it takes some time. So we have put up some makeshift signs just for people to see what kind of business is in there.

But I fixed this screen in the shop window this week and it turned out great! Sitting right next to the door.

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In the shop window next to it, you can see our screen in the waiting corner as well :) So you can see some pictures of our treatments.

Waking up from the police & luck in bad luck
On the night of January 2, we woke up around three o'clock when Annika's mother called and said "the police have been with you and knocked, but Annika does not open".

Annika slept with earplugs because it was a storm outside and we sleep in the guesthouse.

On January 1, we moved everything important from the old premises, the cash register, the computers and sales products. That same night, just hours later, the storm shattered one of our large shop windows, which broke completely!

We did not have to unlock when we arrived late in the morning, just to crawl straight into the waiting room haha.

We do not know exactly how it happened but the glass windows are very leaky and rattle as soon as a bus passes by so we think that the storm simply caused it to burst.

Had this happened a day earlier, it would have been extremely much harder, because then we would have had greater concern about the valuables in there and had to go in immediately. Now we could fall asleep again and grab it the next day instead. Had it happened two or more days earlier, we would have had a lot of problems because then we would have customers in there and it was as cold inside as outside!

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We are grateful that the "right date" took place, how big are the odds that we will move the day before? But this is still something we really do not need right now when we have double rents, increased employees' working hours (higher wage costs) and renovation costs with the new premises. In addition, January is not the most booked month either if you say so…

We rent this room until March 14 (due to such a long notice period) so it is still us who have to fix a new window.

But there is not much to do about it! :) The insurance company has been accommodating and hopefully we only need to pay deductible, but we do not know that to 100% yet.

The sign on me that sat in the shop window went in several pieces and blew around the streets. What a brutal sight haha!

"New Year's resolutions" 2019
I have no definite New Year's promises, but the two things that I feel I should think extra hard about in the coming year are:

1. I have never been a person who has had a hard time trusting people, on the contrary, I usually am for gullible and blue-eyed. But being gullible is a quality that more often does good than harm and me wants be a person who trusts people. But in the last 2.5 years, several people have made me have to think the thought "well, so much was our relationship worth to you…" and now it feels like nothing will shock me anymore, people will continue to change personality on a flick of the hand and even though I just give and give and give, it's not worth anything in the end. Maybe I should feel better about becoming selfish myself too and never take shit again, stop biting to avoid trouble, just think about my own and never fully trust anyone. BUT I really do not want to think so! 2019 I will really fight to feel trust in people again :)

2. My health. It is partly about things that make me feel good inside, hang out with people who make me laugh, have an inner peace and feel free. But also physically to take care of my body, I have been sick so much in 2018. It sounds cliché to have a health theme as a New Year's resolution but it is the first year that it really feels relevant to me :)

Here I melt tin on New Year's Eve to predict what 2019 will be like!

LOTS of computer jobs, reports and numbers
This Thursday + all weekend, I work from home with all the work I am behind with now that I have spent all my time on the move.

We have lots to change on the website and booking system, many treatments and products to remove. We will set new key figures and budget for 2019 because there are so many changes now and all statistics for 2018 will be checked.

My to-do list is so long that it no longer fits in my calendar (which is my regular system) but I can have a list on the side as well :)

I end the week with a warm feeling in my body. Two of the makeup artists have had a holiday this week as well, but the other two have run on Wednesday-Saturday and they are so happy with the new salon! It makes me so heavenly happy!

Zahra, who finished at 2 pm on her first day of work at the new place, hung on for another 20 minutes and said "I do not want to go home it is so cozy here !!”Haha :) That's exactly how you want a workplace to feel!

Next week I will get my long to-do list in order and get to the last thing at the salon, then there will be a little more peace of mind :)

Wish you a fantastic Sunday and hope you have a good start to the new year ♥


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