My business week v. 16

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    What a sunny and nice week we have! I enjoy being in a quiet period both in work life and private life and alternate the days with work and recovery in nature :)

    I remember many times last autumn when I thought "you should never wish that life goes faster, but right now I just want to speed up time and skip all this”.

    But now I am here in the time I wanted to jump to! And the sun is shining too! ♥

    Kissing meetings (ppersonal udevelopmentssamtal)
    We have not been able to have individual staff meetings before because we did not have a staff room at the new salon after the move, you can not sit and talk about such things in the waiting room where both colleagues and customers run;) But now we have staff rooms again so I booked calls with everyone!

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    After all the meetings, I told Miska "it is easy to have staff meetings when you have such a good team!”And that's how it really felt! Everyone is happy with the new premises and works well together, both the collaboration and the chemistry in the group.

    We also talked a lot about the schedule and possible improvements to the autumn schedule. It itches in my fingers to begin with, but I think it's still a bit too early, it's almost six months left and things still have time to change :)

    Here I sit with the notes in full swing, waiting for the next colleague to come and settle down :)

    Image editing deluxe
    Last Sunday I wrote that I had been a photographer for a website that Miska is building. I'm not a photographer, so I do the opposite of how to "should". Real photographers fix good conditions with light etc. in place to take as few pictures as possible and then edit as little as possible. I myself shoot wildly and then I edit the shit out of all the pictures haha.

    Note, I do not take photographer prices for my jobs either;)

    Here is one of the pictures I edited this week:

    The picture will be quite small on the website so small details do not really matter that much. But since this gang was really working and working, everyone turned out differently in different pictures, so this is really a clip of two pictures.

    Here you see before and after editing:

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    A little difference huh! If an editing project like this takes time for a beginner like me? Answer yes, haha! Unreasonably long time, not at all defensible really. But I think it's fun too, so it's hard to stop once I start!

    Reader question about the health journey
    “Heeejj! I find it interesting to read about your health journey you make. But what you have written is spread out in several posts, could you not be kind and write a summary in the next Sunday post with what you have done for changes (in everyday life) and above all why? I do not like to follow health accounts on instagram because it gets a little too exaggerated for my taste, but I get inspired when ordinary people post tips. But mostly I think it's because you write about a mixture of medical and a little hocus pocus with healing etc :-) which makes it more fun. Thanks in advance!"

    What luck that you think it's interesting because I'm starting to get scared that you will get tired of me and my throat soon haha :) Here is a summary focusing on the changes as I did:

    Problem areas
    What problems I have in my body are those that I experience myself and those that I have learned through blood tests and healing.

    Feel yourself: Recurrent throat infections with high fever. Has just come out of a stressful period and is not stressed anymore but that kind of thing can sit for a while afterwards. But between the infections, I feel great!

    Blood test via Werlabs: Elevated blood levels on red blood cells (not dangerous and usually due to dehydration) low with vitamin b12 (because I have not eaten meat or poultry in almost 2 years) and that I have good blood fats right now but if you look at the long term I should think on diet and exercise to not be at risk for cardiovascular disease. When I'm sick, I have high infection levels, so it's not just "bad luck with colds" but higher than that. I am also outside the reference value of vitamin D but not too low but too high haha! Although not dangerously high or so, but it was interesting I think, do not need such supplements in any case :)

    Healing: I have mercury in my body that I need to clear out. I have an imbalance in my masculine side (right). My sore throat is collective anger and that I have wanted to say no and say what I think but that I have kept it to myself. I also had lumps of energy that stuck like velcro on me because someone threw jealousy and envy at me.

    Changed diet
    I am already neither very useful nor useless, Miska cooks good food but we also eat a lot of ice cream and goodies;) What I have changed or added is the following:

    • Omega3 (for blood fats) both in tablet form and via chia seeds in breakfast.
    • Probiotics with good bacteria that are good for lots of things
    • Spirulina and blueberries (to cleanse the body of eg mercury) also in breakfast
    • Healing water with shungite stones, I have a water purifier so it is very clean water from the beginning and the stones also purify in in the body, from e.g. stress and is anti-inflammatory. In addition, it is good for me to drink extra water for elevated blood levels may be due to dehydration.
    • Nettle which I cook myself (dad picks and dries nettles) is good for lots of things, google! In the winter I drank it hot in a mug, now I drink it as a chilled drink in a nice glass :)

    I do not think it's great fun to train, but I have a small pedaling machine that I "jog" on and kind of dance to Latin music at the same time :) And after that I do some strength exercises and push-ups. I have to be a little fiery when I train, counting repetitions is the worst I know. Then I started running and walking now in the spring weather too! It will not be super heavy because I would rather train a little every day than fewer hard workouts.

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    However, it is not possible to get into exercise regularly when you get sick all the time.

    Healing & meditation
    I have started meditating a lot myself, several times a week, plus I went to a professional healing and am thinking of booking another one. I believe a lot in self-healing, and above all it is science that stress is dangerous and creates diseases (?) And if you can reduce stress with the help of meditation and healing, you get a healthier life from just that!

    Just like with training, I do not like to do what someone decides in advance or tells me to do, so I am a little too fuzzy for regular meditation too haha. I can not listen to a meditation with a guiding voice, I just have to have music and run my own race.

    Booking a healing was awesome I think! At first I felt very heavy, then I got really hot in the left side of my head, then I saw a dark blue pattern when I closed my eyes (kind of like going into a black cave opening with jagged edges at the entrance and inside the cave it was a dark blue glow) and then I felt the pulse very strong in my legs for about a minute. And in the end, I felt so light that I thought the thought "wonder if I float a few millimeters now?".

    Pure body
    I have also taken out my IUD, just for the body to be completely itself. And then I rarely drink alcohol (rarely compared to many) and do not smoke or anything like that. So the body is pretty much itself or what to say, no additives :)

    The throat infections continue, however, so I will go to the Ear-Nose-Throat on 13 May. But I am still convinced that self-care is great too! It is very satisfying to be kind to your body and it is never unnecessary! I will never stop eating ice cream and stuff because I believe in being kind to the soul too;) and I will never be that health junkie who bakes chocolate balls without sugar. But just the thought of being kind to your body and liking it probably makes the body kinder to me too! :)

    Here is my nettle tea that I enjoyed this week in the spring sun for a while every day! To live in the country this fine spring is meditation just that, when the hens walk around and peck in the garden and the only thing that is heard is the chirping of birds which is occasionally interrupted by bile from the roosters ♥

    Save in mutual funds & shares - adult points
    I think I should take some responsibility for my finances and not just have a savings account without interest but actually get some return. I hate risks, but when I go through the options locked fixed interest rate account and funds with super low risk, the return is so small that I can almost have them left in the savings account instead haha.

    I have done a lot of research on this because I am a 100% beginner, which was the most boring research I have ever done. Then I just drove!

    My distribution of my savings:

    • 1/4 in shares with super high risk in a newly started company that I blogged about in this Sunday post.
    • 1/4 in shares with much less risk. This company also usually pays dividends, meaning that you can make money if the company makes a profit without having to sell shares.
    • 1/4 in three different funds, one with higher risk, one with medium and one with low risk.
    • 1/4 remains in a regular savings account as a safe buffer. To some extent it gets huh;)

    So in short, everything is varied risk so it is a mixture of security and that you have a chance to earn really well if you are lucky. There are also different industries, which also provides additional risk diversification than if all companies were about finance, e.g.

    My goal with the shares with super high risk is that they should be tripled and then I should withdraw the amount that I invested - then only "bonus money" is growing. Money I've never had.

    The safer equity investment has previously gone up and down a lot and I suspect that it will continue to do so. Note 100% beginner analysis. So my hopeful plan there is to get a dividend, then wait for a "top" and then sell the shares at a good profit. Then I wait until they have a dip and then I buy the same again! IF the plan goes as I imagine (which is definitely not the least bit sure haha) then I have calculated that I can pick out about 30,000 in dividends + return of maybe 1.5 years.

    How old do I not sound now? Miska has been a sounding board but I have done everything myself! Everything from opening an ISK account to finding all funds and shares and buying them. Worst independent right;)

    Miska is a little worried about how I will react if I lose money, and it can happen that everything goes to the forest. But it's not like playing the lottery and just being lucky, I've actually thought through this a lot and even if something turns out to be a minus business, shouldn't everything be? You have to take some risks sometimes and I have not invested everything I own and have and do not risk personal bankruptcy or so :)

    I was sooo excited after this! First immediately after I bought all the funds and shares and then when I went into my account an hour later and saw that I already earn 275 kronor haha! The future will show how smart or unsmart moves I made this day;)

    Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people will not, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can not.
    You may be jealous of me now but I have otherwise had a very quiet work week!

    Monday - A long day in the city with various errands (blood tests, bvc, fix and leave financial data + had customers at the salon) but also had time to practice swimming in the middle of the day! Luxury!
    Tuesday - Worked from home and got a lot done. Miska did not sleep at home so then I could be an old ordinary workaholic-Helena and work until late at night. So I checked a lot of things on the to-do list!
    Wednesday - Work from home in the morning, then a long coffee break in the sun before we had staff meetings in town.
    Thursday - Sunbathed all day and instead worked in the afternoon from 3 pm onwards.
    Friday - Worked from home between 8-12 then we went home to our friends Monica and Niklas and hung out with them all afternoon!
    Saturday - Worked between 8-11 then free all the sunny weekend!

    Being able to set up your work week like this is absolutely amazing! Think I can adapt my working days to the weather? Of course it has its drawbacks too and OJ what we have struggled to get here. And note I can not have it like this every week for the rest of my life from now on;) But still, I enjoy!

    Annika and I sat and talked a bit about it this week, because she has opened her schedule in May and June now and will start taking some customers. Then Miska and I have the baby :) But we have to check how it is with taxes and stuff when you are both on maternity leave and working, how much salary you can take, etc. I said that as long as it works financially in the company, she should take so a lot of salary as it goes, because me and Miska take out full salary (however, we are the two who have the least salary in the whole company hehe) even though we also work less than before now when we are "bonus parents". So it is unfair if she is the only one who is punished financially now that she has become a mother.

    Then we got into the topic of conversation to be worth her salary, she thinks that if she does not work 100% then she is not worth a full salary. Because even if she starts to take some customers, she does not work as much as me and Miska. While I think that 1. she has been working 300% for 12 years now so she is definitely worth it. And 2. why should you build a company to get freedom and security if you still do not let yourself enjoy it when you have succeeded?

    Now it's not about us not wanting to work at all, we want to! But there is a difference between working because it is fun and working just because you have to whip yourself to earn your salary :) This is really me and Annika in a nutshell, both think that the other deserves EVERYTHING but you feel yourself always that you do not contribute enough. The only real problem is that you have to get it together in business economics, then who is "worth" the most is a make-believe problem really as long as everyone is happy, which everyone is :)

    There has been a lot of sun and rest this week! Here I am and Annika's cat Tussen who is 19 years old now! I was only 6 years old when she was born so we are almost the same age haha :)

    Hope you had a good week too!

    Hug, hug, hug! ♥

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