My business week v. 23

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    This week in pictures looks almost like a holiday week haha, but you can do a lot of computer work outdoors and when you have flexible hours like me, you can also work more in the morning and evening and get a few hours off in the middle of the day, cozy!

    You have to be careful while it's sunny - because that's not the case all summer :)

    Work in the nice weather
    Pictures and such I can not do when it is too bright, then I darken all windows and cave in the attic so that I see the screen properly.

    On the other hand, it matched well with the solar week and the end of the month at the same time to fix salary reports, statistics and accounting. the can you actually do outdoors! :)

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    In the sun you do not see the screen at all, but to be able to sit out in the shade with a cup of coffee and fresh air that blows and at the same time get the job done - it's a luxury!

    After a work day like this, you do not feel so good, however, because the day has been so wonderful that you felt free. The worse you feel in the evening, the better you feel hahaha. But this is much better! ;)

    Salon job!
    This week I have worked from home every day except two and have had four own customers + taken care of the baby when Annika had customers.

    On Thursday, all my customers were relatively far away, two go only from Bromma and the third lives 70 km away. I do not write out where she lives because she is afraid of clinging to the salons on her toes now hehe, she told me that she tried to get her eyebrows plucked there several times because she could not go to Uppsala just for this since she moved from Uppsala, but no one gets to her eyebrows, she says. They always get too straight and she wants a high frame so that they can be seen over the glasses.

    Here is the result after brow pick and color with me:

    She was very happy!

    Always fun to meet an old regular again too! She went to me regularly when she lived in Uppsala but now she has tried to go to others (until she now gave up) and it was a whole year since she was with me last - so we had a lot of new things to talk about :)

    New company - The fitness family!
    Miska and I have a mutual friend who is probably the only "real mutual" friend we have - that is, it is not "Miska's friend that I got to know too" or vice versa, but both knew Hampus before we knew each other! :)

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    Hampus ran the company Fitnessfamiljen several years ago and helped people lose weight and / or shape the body with muscles with incredibly fast results. But due to private circumstances, he needed to put it on ice. But now he has made an effort to start up the Fitness family again - with no less than the three musketeers Miska, Annika and I! Tjohoo!

    All Monday we had a meeting and fix day with Hampus and preparing a real kickstart!

    We posted this picture The fitness family on Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to go in and follow there! Right now it is mixed with Hampu's private photos but it will be a pure corporate site later.

    To understand the unique, I must first present Hampus a little closer; imagine your nerdiest friend who can google a topic for several hours, multiply that person 50 times and you have Hampus, haha! When he gets interested in something, he sits with it all night!

    Annika and he met when Miska turned 30 and they found each other in the common interest about bio-hacking and how the body works.

    Hampus was overweight (more or less all his life) and has also had a lot of health problems, including cancer and blindness (!) Of glaucoma. When he recovered from the cancer, he decided to start taking care of his body and after getting really nerdy in various theories, he lost weight at record speed and became really fit.

    Then he started helping others achieve results too - because he found a way that is effective without it becoming overwhelming! A special way to adapt diet schedules for what that particular person needs.

    The fitness family became very big! Hampus and I did not hang out during that period but I remember that I followed it and cheered from a distance, there was a lot of talk about him in Gimo then even though he had lived in Stockholm for quite some time.

    Today, the company has been down for many years and Hampus released everything. He has not felt well but now he is starting to come back into the light! Now he is back on square one again, also physically, and part of the start of the company will be to follow Hampu's journey 2.0!

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    Here you see Hampus and Annika making a to-do list!

    Right now we are working on the structure to get started: We will start with 10 free test persons to collect new before and after pictures. Miska is building a website, we are going through all the old material and are designing a new logo and graphic profile!

    Here are Hampus' previous before and after pictures. It will be fun to follow him again soon!

    I first had some mixed feelings about writing about weight in the blog for beauty and weight is not the same thing. I'm writing about it now because I'm writing about entrepreneurship, that we should hook on to the Fitness family and do it successfully again. It is not a = character between slim and stylish. In the same way that it is not a = sign between unmade and ugly.

    But the Fitness family has slightly healthier values than I experience that many other health accounts and companies have. Hampus trained only two days a week, often ate burgers and never went hungry. In addition, you have free days where you can eat exactly what you want and one day you should also eat more carbohydrates and then you can even eat sweets.

    So it is not as strict as it looks but "a lot of results in a short time with as little performance as possible" is the point. As a kickstart to a healthier life! Then you can change your lifestyle so that you keep your results and feel good ♥

    In addition, after my years in the beauty industry, I have realized that surface and vanity very rarely belong together. You think so when you read newspapers and follow various Instagram accounts, but for "ordinary private individuals" this is rarely the case. Tattooing the eyebrows and fixing the lashes does not mean that you will not be able to stop and in the end look like a Barbie doll. And getting help to lose a few kilos in weight does not mean that you will develop an eating disorder, but most people feel satisfied when they have reached their goal. However, one must be aware of both of these things why you do it so that it never becomes destructive or a must.

    Could write huur far at all about this haha, but now I will stop :)

    Speaking of working outdoors, our meeting looked like this on the evening twig when it started to get so cold that Annika and I froze. Miska kept minutes;)

    Updated range of Paese
    It is always just as boring when products are removed from the range, now several of Paese's eye shadows and blushes will be removed. But instead of being depressed that some of my favorites are disappearing - I am instead happy that we will bring in news!

    In the next Paese order, in other words, a whole bunch of new eye shadows and blushes will come! :) KUL!

    What takes time with Paese is that all shades are called numbers and not names, so you get completely dizzy when you have to make orders because you do not know the shades in your head. But this is how the list I published to my colleagues ended up:

    I was very sad that Paese's blush in shade 35 had been discontinued, my favorite! But one of the new Artist blushes is quite similar and if possible even better so I did not have to be sad for so long :)

    More makeup material on g
    I also continue to produce makeup materials! Next week you will receive a post about applying eye shadow.

    In addition, I have photographed a post about highlighter for oily skin. I have made such a post before as well but I was not so happy with the pictures. Do again do right!

    It was my week there; a full day with the Fitness family, two days in Uppsala and other salaries, statistics and reports mixed with beauty articles and make-up studio.

    Kind of like that :) Fairly effective on a sunny June week ♥

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey! It sounds so very interesting with the fitness family and what trip he made judging by the picture. I would have liked to have been a test person but do not know if you should write this. I need a proper kick in the ass to get started "properly" and to find a mind that works. Is far too untrained and it does not feel fun at all, I feel so much better about myself in a more fit state .. is it possible to have contact at a distance? Currently living in Gothenburg but will move to Stockholm in August.
      Have a nice day! Please, Sandra

      • Hey! What fun that you think it sounds interesting! :) Yes, everything is done remotely so it goes great. I'm saving your email so maybe we'll get in touch when it's time :) Have a nice start to the new week!

    2. What an incredible weight and health journey he has made! Would have loved to be a test person! Unfortunately, I live a little too far away.
      Four years ago I lost a lot of weight, exercised a lot, and I was so proud of myself! Finally I could wear what I wanted, it was fun to buy clothes.
      But but, now I weigh too much again, a little spongy and chubby, generally dissatisfied with myself. (Excuse me for babbling boredom) So, new tag! I have decided to start again now during the summer, and hopefully be in better shape by the autumn.

      • I forgot to mention the ingenious bit; everything is done remotely :) After you get started, you have regular follow-up, mainly via email. I save your email address so we may hear from us when it's time for the test persons, which will be pretty soon!

    3. Hi.
      Saw that there would be several eyeshadows of paese, I wonder what they are if you might have to fill the make-up bag before they disappear.
      Have a nice day


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