My business week v. 44

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    This week I feel much, much better than last week! I ate the last antibiotic tablet yesterday and now you can help me keep my fingers crossed that I stay healthy! Do not want to go on the same sore throat and fever tangle in a month again! :)

    iPhone X
    How easy it was in the past when you knew that if you bought a new phone, you started on a "blank sheet". You just put in the old sim card and continued as usual, no backup, apple ID or subscription with different GB surf that you have to decide on. A new phone meant 100% joy!

    Now it's about 50% joy and 50% "I shit in this fucking phone I drive with my old one instead!" Lol. I do not have bad patience at all except when it comes to technology.

    When it is not possible to back up because the phone memory is full, and then it is not possible to back up to the computer either without first having to update to new versions on iTunes here and there. So I get shovels :)

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    But now it's ready! So I bought a new phone this week because mine was having trouble with both the camera, when talking on the phone and with the speakers. But now I have an iPhone X with a much better camera and it's fun just one such thing!

    AND so I got a little ego boost from the fact that I managed to solve all the technical hassle on my own. It's so easy to ask Miska for help but I'm trying to be a little more independent. It is always useful to learn things yourself, but above all I think from a feminist angle, that it is not just Miska who will take care of everything related to technology, the car and fix things that break down in the home. This summer I cooked e.g. locked on our patio door and put up a broken cabinet door in the kitchen, far outside my comfort zone but I did it and was so damn happy! :) Same now with the phone! Go girl !!

    When I got home in the evening, I hung out in the makeup room for probably an hour and tested the mobile camera, great fun! There are a few different settings you can use so that it becomes blurry in the background as with a real system camera, that's what I like to play with!

    Helena's Horoscope
    Do you believe in horoscopes, spirituality and such? I do! I also believe that many such things are science actually only that we have not researched evidence yet.

    I follow Helena's Horoscope which is an astroblog on Amelia and she also mixes in a lot of details about success and dreams, I love it! :) I strongly believe that such things are connected, the law of attraction e.g. This week I even bought a pepper package that she made with both horoscopes and turhoroscopes but also exercises and tips with a focus on realizing her dreams.

    One thing I got from her is that the number 8 stands for money and if you clean your wallet and put in a note with the number 8, the economy will improve. I did this not only in my wallet but also in the reception at the salon AND in the door frame at Annika's old premises that she will sell or rent out.

    We got a quick return on the premises immediately, it had been a bit slow but after only 2 hours she came and said that two of them had already heard from her! How sick is it? :)

    I first thought of printing a picture of a nice 8 but I think it gives more energy to write it myself. I also put on some small sheets and visualized all the time while I drew that at the next hug meeting we will see the metrics on the report skyrocket and everything is thanks to this eight haha! Continuation follows, I must say;) Now this is fine on our receipt printer ♥

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    New company presentation
    We want to start our own make-up brand and this week I spent a lot of time with the presentation that we will email out to producers. We will probably be able to do it next week! I only have a few small things left :)

    Last Wednesday I worked from home and then I almost just sat with this.

    I fixed prototype pictures in photoshop to give a picture of what we are looking for and to illustrate the size, I cut in a picture of our prototype as if I was holding it in my hand. But to get the right size on the hand (that is, how I would keep my fingers), I went through my sewing box to find various buttons and stuff and measured which gadgets I the right size. So I photographed them and then in photoshop I replaced the gadget with our prototype :)

    It turned out very well actually !! I long until I can tell you about our concept !!

    I have worked with this every night and made a cozy moment of it with tea, fire and cat cuddles on the couch!

    Poddpaus & Clear Thoughts
    I have never seen myself as one of those "mobile addicts" who spend a lot of time scrolling and scrolling. I'm not doing it. On the other hand, I have realized that I always push my own thoughts away because I constantly listen to podcasts!

    Podcasting is my thing because I can listen to it even though I do benefit. I listen almost constantly actually, even when I wash off the makeup and brush my teeth, it's too boring if I do not listen to anything at the same time.

    I like it! I get inspired and mix general education, humor and work-related (both around entrepreneurship & beauty) but it is actually not so good in the long run I have noticed… So now I have taken a podcast break!

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    Why? Even though I think it's nice and not a bit hard to listen, it requires focus, it's not like listening to music. I never feel quiet and my brain is constantly running - which results in it becoming much tougher and more tired than it should be.

    I started with the podcast break last week and I already feel the difference! Partly I am more focused when I work but also I have a better memory. But also, am I a little more in touch with "myself" if you understand what I mean? I listen to my own thoughts and it becomes almost like meditation :)

    Most people probably do not listen to as much podcast etc. as I do, but if you do or do something else that constantly takes focus, I can really recommend that you treat yourself to a little silence and let your brain rest. We are not made to stimulate the brain exactly all the time.

    This is a typical picture of how I always looked before, always headphones in my ears. We'll see how long I run this podcast detox, but I'll never listen as much as I did before. I notice so big difference, it's not worth it!

    New treatments on the website
    I have also updated the website because Helene has new treatments underway! At present she does carboxy, lymph drainage and massage, but now she has also trained further with microneedling (brand BCN), deep cleansing and the facial dermaOXY which slides hyaluronic acid into the skin. So fun!

    It is not published on the website yet but I have prepared everything ready so it will be published next week :)

    I always feel so smart when I sit with html codes haha! It's not a bit difficult but it's still a bit cool to write characters and then it's a nice headline with a banner background as well :)

    I also photographed the dermaOXY treatment so that we have some pictures on the website!

    New month
    Now October is over, it's a new month and that means reports and statistics, invoices, salary lists to be fixed, the campaign pictures to be replaced, receipts and documentation to be handed in to our finance girl and more, and more.

    The beginning of autumn is always calmer for us, so we have averaged 71% occupancy (meaning that the staff is 71% booked and 29% unbooked) which is perfectly ok but during the summer we were above 90% so there is a difference in the reports. But we have grown so much that a quiet month for us now would have been a dream month when we started with employees!

    You do not have to have that lump of worry when you pull the report receipt out of the cash register if you say so :)

    We get the reports from the cashier on a long receipt which I then go through and write in our statistics documents etc. It is super important to keep track of the finances! We sell a lot but also have huge costs so there are still months when we go minus.

    Make-up films
    Since I have a new phone with a much better selfie camera, I tried for fun to film two make-up films with it!

    The quality can not be compared with the system camera, but I still thought I would only use them on Instagram, as a small bonus to many make-ups, so there does not have to be any HD quality anyway :)

    So I take my step-by-step pictures just as usual, but at the same time the mobile is set up and filming, so there will be no pictures or film without both!

    Then I have iMovie on the phone so on the bus to work I cut the movie down to 1 minute. Goes fast and smooth! I would like to be able to change the light and color as well, but it does not work in the mobile version apparently. So it's completely unedited but think it was pretty light and stuff anyway. The results will be on my Instagram @ soon!

    The work week ended with me working from home on Friday and then going to Stockholm with Frida for hotel night and heels in the roof! We had so, so much fun! I love to dance! :) And now I will do some good at home and recharge the batteries for a new work week tomorrow.

    Have a great Sunday everyone! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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