My business week v. 7

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    My Sunday post is a day late, sorry about that! Last week contained a blissful mix of tasks and many "big points" on the to-do list that are finally checked. Wihoo!

    The old salon is largely emptied, or yes now I exaggerated a bit but compared to what it looked like before, it is basically emptied now haha. And the summer schedule is nailed and opened and I am in phase with everything I need to do before we can take a vacation in 1.5 weeks!

    In the middle of it all, I have had time to both plan and organize a surprise party as well as we had last Saturday, many balls in the air now! ;) But after all the events I planned for the company, this was an incredibly easy match haha!

    Cleaning of the old premises
    This with emptying a 367 sqm large room that is full of stuff in just about every corner, it has not been an easy match!

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    We did a lot before the move but then we have been "on parental leave" with Annika and then the chaos in the old premises has remained untouched. We needed a break :)

    There was really a lot left, a big mix of rubbish, things that are too nice to throw away, things that we can store at home and things that can be saved in the new room. Even though we cleaned a lot before the move, there were still whole closets and drawers that we still did not have time to go through at all.

    So three days a week we have been there and advised!

    Here I have just emptied a bunch of closets and collected the worst rubbish heap. The first priority was to empty room by room so that we could put all things in the "same category" e.g. "This we can take to the new premises" etc.

    The feeling when a room is completely empty, so it's so nice!

    For example. we had fabric in the entire staff room (both walls and ceiling) to get a cozy feeling. Probably 15-20 curtains in total and all were pinned together with small pins. It took time you must believe!

    We do not have time to sell more and there are lots that are too nice to throw away. So we announced that we are giving away everything for free, just to pick up. But we quickly had to cancel it when we were contacted by a charity flea market where the money goes to retirement homes to do fun activities etc. And they wanted everything!

    So it felt much, much better actually! That our old stuff becomes a good thing ♥ Many followers wrote and wanted to pack stuff anyway, but every gadget we would give away to someone else was indirectly that you take money from elderly care haha, suddenly things got a completely different value!

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    The summer schedule is open!
    On Tuesday, the last details for the summer were finally nailed down and our schedule is open August now, just to book! :)

    I saw in my booking schedule that I wrote a remember-note in March "Time to open up as many summer times as possible before midsummer and market that people should book in time. This is how we reduce stressed customers (like last year) before midsummer :)“So good haha!

    Just before midsummer is our most fully booked time of the whole year and many people think that you are out in good time if you book a week in advance, but in the summer it is not so. So last year we had some gaps in the schedule the weeks before midsummer which could have been filled if people had known that it was fully booked later :)

    Event fixer
    Since we are away on my friend Frida's birthday, we surprised her last Saturday! At first I surprised her at her house with presents and make-up help, so at first she thought it was the whole surprise and that we would just go out and eat at a restaurant. So I made her up and smiled before we went to the real surprise party!

    Here is the make-up:

    It had gotten dark outside so we had no good lighting, but glitter and smoky in brown and rosé it became :) Here she is completely unaware that her closest friends were right now gathered in an apartment further away with disco lamp and fine dining, and still she already said "I have never been so surprised" hahaha! ♥ It was hard to keep mine :)

    As I said, there was very poor lighting in the living room, but I still wanted to take the opportunity to do some advertising for one of the gifts she received from me - Sunglasses from the brand Macapa in the model Palmiera Rosé Gold that Miska sells on! They are so beautiful! :) I long for the holidays when I get to inaugurate mine!

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    She also got the pants as a gift from me, they were bought at Zara :)

    Preparing the final touches in the new room
    The final touches in the new salon have had to wait because the staff had to stay in the room for a while to know exactly how they want shelves, furniture, etc. That is hard to think of, you have to test!

    So this week we have had a long document with pictures, questions and checklist of all the last things to do. What do you want? What do you not want? Where do you want it? etc :)

    Our plan was to be finished this weekend but the time was not enough, but the hope is that everything will be nailed down before we go on holiday in any case. Then you have a little more peace in the body!

    Here I am with the list that the staff is commenting on. You can have your very own chat for each point, so heavenly smooth! However, my cat Viktoria thought that my colleagues got too much attention;)

    Collect makeup
    When we go on holiday, I always "work to catch up" with makeup posts to the blog in advance, so that the flow rolls on as usual anyway. It is only then that I realize how much makeup I actually do. 3 a week sounds a bit, but when I calculated on Monday that I need to do 15 make-ups before I go 2.5 weeks later, it's a lot! This then includes all make-up that is published now before + during the holiday weeks.

    So a lot of time is spent in my photo studio this week :) But there may be some product tips post as well, I do not think I have time to do make-up every day.

    Here I sit with the computer and prepare the posts at the dressing table immediately after I have finished my make-up.

    Valentine's Day at the salon!
    I was sooo so happy when I opened Instagram and saw Creative Makeup's newly published Insta Story! At our staff meetings every other week, we usually decide things like "soon this holiday will come, ideas on how we can decorate / celebrate at the salon, who buys it, who fixes it" and so on. But now we have not had a meeting after moving and baby.

    So last Wednesday I told Annika and Miska "we should buy Valentine's Day candy for the waiting room tomorrow“But we were not going to the salon so it became an unnecessarily large project.

    So I open Insta Story the next morning and see how nicely the colleagues have fixed with both sweets and decorations and even non-alcoholic bubble for all customers ♥ They are the best !!

    Here is Ida standing and popping a bottle of bubbly! :)

    Here you have no problem to sit and wait right away;)

    So really good! I was really warm in my heart when I saw how they fixed and donated!

    Beauty guides
    Speaking of good colleagues, Malin has been really good and published lots of new beauty guide posts in our web shop!

    I have "checked" these this week as we usually say when I sometimes change the text because what I wrote in the blog (which Malin copies the posts from) does not fit into the webshop etc.

    Here is an example of what it looks like in the webshop now if you go into the eyeliner pen paese linea Automatic Eyeliner - Creative Makeup:

    Further down on the product page you will find make-up where I used the different pencils.

    You will find all my beauty guides here!

    But now it's Monday again, I work from home and the to-do list is as long as usual so just roll up my sleeves again! :)

    Have a fantastic start to the new week everyone ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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