My clothing style

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    What is my clothing style? It's been a while now but I got the question before What is your clothing style? You always post close-ups where you might glimpse a sweater a bit but it would be fun to see your style in its entirety!

    Briefly, I would describe my style as:

    • Comfortable but not boring
    • Different from day to day, so I do not just have one style
    • Very old and used
    • A lot of colorful, patterned and maybe a little bohemian?
    • Can get a little odd sometimes because I do not put so much thought into my outfit but put on a mix of garments I like

    Since I do not own that much clothing and use mostly old mixed with a little semi-new, it sometimes becomes more basic :)

    Lots of holiday clothes too .. You know when you are in an exotic country and pray ”yyyy this is SO I“But then you come home to a gray autumn day in Sweden and realize that I will never use this. Besides that I am one of those who continue to use the holiday style even at home haha.

    The other day I was photographed and interviewed by the photographer Lisbeth Spörndly who just started the instagram account @Hello how are you doing where she interviews entrepreneurs about how the pandemic is going.

    Here is one of the pictures where you not only see my face but my whole me and my clothing style! :)

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    my clothing style helena amiley

    The cardigan was actually bought not so long ago (have had it for 1 year type) as I love these that you can just throw over yourself. The rest, both the top, the pants and the shoes are bought on various holidays I have been on in recent years. I borrowed the hat from a friend during high school indefinitely, she would tell me when she wanted it back and now I have had it for 8 years haha.

    The biggest difference I've made in recent years is to just dress what I feel like and not ask others "does this fit together" or "does this look weird?" which I always did before and then I always got answers like "njaa" because people usually have more basic style than I have. And then I listened to it.

    Now I do not care at all but just wear something. I go much more on feeling than thought :)

    Follow the account @Hello how are you doing on Instagram if you want to read the interview with me - and see how others entrepreneurs have it of course!

    Hugs are ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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