My makeup corner

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    I'm not sure if I can do my make-up now, it's starting to get so much. Well, at least I did not go down without explaining myself first.

    This is because I have played and organized a lot in my updated make-up corner that I wrote about earlier! :)

    Sooo nice, the storage drawer is as good as it gets. Perfectly high, does not take up much space and the drawers hold lots of stuff!

    ikea hurts

    Surely it turned out fine?

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    Much that could be honed, of course. For example, a real dressing table (which I actually own but do not have room for) and maybe nice jars to put the brushes in. But so far, dining tables and beer glasses will suffice;)

    You can not see the model, hahaha. Stöööökigt was the word!

    Now I got a place for my wonderful Kosta Boda lipsticks with, love, love, love!
    Have a big Kosta Boda nail polish at home too, so nice :)


    Every now and then I get the question if I can not show all the makeup I have. And I always thought it would be fun, it's a lot! But it's always so messy as I never have everything in front of me, a lot has been in old make-up bags and freezer bags in a closet. If you do not have room for everything, you do not have.

    But now that I have it, and also have order and order, then I must take the opportunity to show you! :)

    Here are pictures of my newly filled make-up boxes:

    Eyeshadows and glitter.

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    My "use-almost-every-day-box" :)

    Eyeliners, mascaras, eyebrow products and false eyelashes.

    Primer- Primer, concealer, foundation, pillows, blush.


    The bottom drawers are much deeper:

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    All palettes!

    (As well as makeup remover and the dustpan I clean the make-up mirror with, they got such a good place there)

    Hair and skin care, at least the products I use the most.

    Foundations in shades that do not fit.
    And some nail polish!

    The last box contains good and mixed, product samples, tape for fun make-up, business cards / flyers, small jars, a can of powder…


    I think that everything sees very little out now that it got so scattered, I'm used to having everything packed together and messy!

    Although I can admit that I have some stuff left at home too…;) But that makeup is so old that it should really be thrown away.

    But I find it so hard to throw away makeup that is both nice and works, even though I may not use it. It does not feel like an eyeshadow becomes stale when it is left untouched in a make-up bag as well.


    Well, I hope you found it a little interesting to see how I feel! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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