My lip tattoo - To tattoo the lips

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    Hi Helena! I was fixing my eyebrows at you at Creative Makeup (super happy!) And talked to you a bit in the store before and have now started following your blog. You showed me that you tattooed your lips very much outside of your own shape on the upper lip, and I wonder if you can post before and after pictures of your lip tattoo in the blog? Hug!"

    I absolutely can!

    I have tattooed my lips many times now because I always stood up as a test person for all apprentices and also for Annika when she put new tools to the test. So it has not stuck so well on me because it is not done "properly" as you do on customers.

    Therefore, I have not shown pictures on the lips after the last few times because they were not really finished. But now I have taken pictures after the latest lip tattoo that Olga did on me just a few weeks ago, now the color has stuck everywhere :)

    Here is the result of my lip tattoo:

    My lip tattoo - To tattoo the lips

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    Big difference in shape! It is mainly on the sides of the upper lip that it is enlarged.

    What lip variant do I have?

    Since different people have tattooed me, it is not possible to say exactly if I have "intoned contour", "whole lips" or "3D / ombre" which are the three variants you can choose from. Everyone has done a little different hehe. But here you can see the difference in what the different variants mean.

    How have I changed my lips?

    But what I have done is in any case:
    1. A very enlarged shape on the sides of my upper lip
    2. A pretty pink color so you might think I have a colored lip balm or lipstick on me all the time
    A light contour around the entire shape that is tattooed with white border in edge with the tattooed lip contour.

    If you want to get the same results as I have, I would say that you book "Ombré / 3D" and "supplement highlighter contour" and then you can show my pictures and say "something like this I want" :)

    Why do I have to tattoo my lips?

    Mostly because it's fun! I work with this :) And I love to have a lot of color on the lips, but when the upper lip was so small and fluffy, the lip color was barely visible. But I think my little plut lip before is very cute too!

    The most common reason, however, is that you want a sharper contour, correct asymmetry or have a more fun color. There are lots of colors to choose from and you can also match your own lip color if you do not want a color change.

    My lip tattoo - To tattoo the lips before and after

    Aftercare - How do you take care of the lip tattoo afterwards?

    During healing, you lubricate morning and evening and possibly. sometime in the middle of the day if you feel you have to, but it should not be constantly wet because it becomes like a scab on the lips and if it is too moisturized, it just becomes a gag, and you do not want that. And after a few days (takes different lengths of time 2-5 days I would say) the crusts come loose. The color is a little sharper immediately after the crust is released as well, I would say that you can judge the final color after 2 weeks.

    When the lip tattoo is completely finished, you should always use sunscreen when you are in the sun for the tattoo to last as long as possible. I also need to thread the upper lip regularly (which you see I do not done in the pictures in this post hehe) because otherwise I have small scaly hairs on my lips because it is actually my normal skin that we have tattooed on :) This of course only applies to people who have tattooed far out of shape.

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    My lip tattoo - To tattoo the lips

    This is what it looks like in profile!

    natural lips with lip tattoo


    And this is what it looks like when I smile and am completely unmade up. I think all my tattoos are nice even when I am unmade, they make you look fit and fixed but do not become too much when you e.g. do not have foundation and mascara.

    Hope you liked the post about my lip tattoo! If you have any questions about lip tattoo or permanent makeup in general, shout out! It is also possible to read more info and book time online on our website

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    Hugs are! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Very nice !! I would also like to test. My lips look a bit like yours before the tattoo and I really do not like that the lip sort of disappears at the outer edge and just becomes a line.

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