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    I am an extreme nature lover and always try to choose organic as much as my wallet and range allow, and I am so happy that I can do my daily beauty routines without a guilty conscience for what I flush down the drain!

    At the beginning of the year, I started using Sanctum's hair care and skin care, and I'm still incredibly happy with the products! So now that the skin care is also in webshop so I thought I would post about the products I use for my skin type. But I want to emphasize that I have tested all products to test how they feel, even those that do not fit my skin :)

    I write my entire skin care routine even though not all products are in the webshop yet, but they will be coming soon, they are only delayed in delivery!


    My skin type:
    I have a mixed skin that is sensitive and oily. I do not have direct problems with acne (usually just a single pimple on the face) except for stress pimples that come in periods. I can also get dry in some areas so that I flake off, at the same time as I also get oily in these areas during the day. I easily turn red in the face, and am always red-flamed around the nose.

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    My Sanctum routine:
    Since my skin is both sensitive and oily, I do not use products for only one type of skin type, but choose a milder cleanser for sensitive skin, and during the day a face cream for oily skin as it should not contain oil.

    Cleaning - Soothing Cream Cleanser
    Toner - Sanctum Tone & Refresh Mist
    Day Cream - Sanctum Moisture Balance Oil Free

    (I do not wash my face with water every morning, but sometimes only clean with toner and cotton. Water dries out the skin a bit which can start the oil production in the skin even more, so I try to skip it sometimes)

    During the day:
    Toner - Sanctum Tone & Refresh Mist (spray form, good hydration during the day!)

    Cleaning - Soothing Cream Cleanser
    Toner - Sanctum Tone & Refresh Mist
    Night Cream - Sanctum Night Conditioning Cream

    About once a week:
    Peeling - Sanctum Gentle Face Exfoliant
    Face Mask - Sanctum Hydrating Gel Mask

    Spot treatment:
    Directly on pimples to calm them and to make them disappear faster, I use "Sanctum On The Spot" which is super good on stress pimples, especially on bad inboarders that both me and Miska get a part in periods!


    These products are in the webshop right now!

    My end result
    Since I started using Sanctum, I first noticed that my skin became calmer, I am always very red and flaming in the face, but even though it is still there, I have a much smoother skin tone, which is really nice! Since my acne periods are due to stress and not to the skin itself, I have not gotten better skin on that front, but I really notice that the pimples disappear faster and do not flare up as irritated so I have been really spoiled by now :) I never have dry areas anymore and it feels like the skin is in balance!

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    What I am mainly looking for is a skin care that cleanses the skin properly and moisturizes a lot, while it should fit under makeup (not be sticky or similar) and should also work with my oily skin. And all these properties have Sanctum :)

    General information about the products
    I think the products are really great to use, 100% naturally sounds like you should lubricate yourself with thick creams that never go into the skin type, but everything feels like regular skin care with light creams that quickly go into the skin and leave a smooth and wonderful feeling. The products are extremely expensive and last a long time, the only thing I have run out of so far is a cleaning, where I am inside my other.

    Sanctum contains no added fragrances (not natural fragrances either) and you feel that it is a natural fragrance that differs slightly between all products. I think this is good, I'm a little tired of everything smelling of fruit and also natural fragrances have a tendency to get a strong and pungent scent which I do not like. The only product that smells strong is On The Spot, but you only have a little of it on your face where you have pimples. It smells like a mixture of mild tiger balm and resin :)

    Click on each individual product in the webshop if you want to read more, where it is clear which active ingredients the product contains and which skin types it is suitable for!

    Hug hug!

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