Mineral makeup and dry skin

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    I got this comment on my post about mineral makeup and dry skin the other day:
    It is said that you should "moisturize well" before applying mineral powder on a dry skin & then I wonder what is meant by moisturize well? Should you take more face cream than usual? Or should you moisturize as usual & when this has dried in, moisturize again? Should the face cream be allowed to dry completely before applying the mineral powder or should the surface still be moist? I think it's very difficult to get it done "

    You do not need to use more face cream than usual, nor more times, but it can be good to apply make-up before it has had time to penetrate the skin completely. But you do not need to put on make-up immediately after you have applied it either, the skin does not need to be sticky, but on a snuff-dry surface it is difficult to get dry products such as mineral powder to attach and that is why it is often said moisturize well.

    Exactly how long you should wait and not wait after lubrication depends a bit on your skin, many have certain areas that absorb the cream quickly and if you are dry in only certain areas, the result will not be as even. It also depends on your cream, some go into the skin faster than others. When the skin feels evenly moisturized without being sticky or "wet", you can start putting on make-up!

    In other words, lubricate the entire face with a cream that contains a lot of moisture, and put on make-up before the skin has had time to absorb everything. You can also supplement with a face mist to give the skin even more moisture, and to be on the safe side, it is always a plus with a face primer underneath as well, because then you basically always get an even and nice result :)

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    Hug hug!

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    1. Oh, how good that you answered this :-) Thank you! Can you please recommend a GOOD face cream with a lot of moisture for a dry skin?

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